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Bergard Zeman (ベルガルド・ゼーマン) is a martial artist introduced in Kuro no Kiseki. Van Arkride is his disciple.



Bergard is a broad, muscular elder man with bushy white hair including a moustache and beard. He has light brown eyes, one of which is covered with a brown eyepatch and features a massive scar. Bergard wears a burgundy coat and shirt with a white scarf cravat and ripped brown-gray jeans with matching boots. A golden belt buckle with an elaborate golden lion design is visible on his belt. He uses gauntlets in combat.


Bergard lives life the way he wants to, having retired and abandoned his real name.


A muscular, one-eyed man who is a master of the Kunlun Style, one three great Eastern martial arts, and has many students across the continent. He used to travel Zemuria for work, but has since retired and abandoned his real name to enjoy travelling and living his life the way he desires to.

To Van Arkride, he was the mentor who taught him "proper" martial arts. Bergard never stopped Van from becoming a Spriggan, either. Van later discovered that, during a conflict between Erebonia and Calvard, Bergard died after being involved in a certain incident.[1]

Kuro no Kiseki

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During his encounter with Van, it is revealed that he is the former 8th Dominion, Gunther Barkhorn.

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