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Beryl (ベリル) is introduced as a student of Thors Military Academy's Class III ('04-'06).



Beryl is a young woman with long black hair with a black ribbon and piercing yellow eyes. As a student of Thors, she wore the standard commoners' uniform consisting of a green and white blazer with padded sleeves, a tan chequered skirt, white shirt, red tie and black tights.

Following graduation, Beryl wears a long black Victorian style dress with various ruffles and frills, a similarly adorned black sun hat and knee high leather boots. She also carries around a suitcase and black umbrella.


Beryl comes off as eerie, and others are unnerved in her presence. She displays unnaturally keen precognitive, and has knowledge of events and mysterious phenomena that she shouldn't. She is ever helpful when he appears however and her advice is usually sound. When challenged on her 'gifts' she states she is but a 'mere student'.


Stating that she is just a 'fortune teller' or an ordinary student, Beryl is clearly more than she appears. She claims to know everything and be able to read causality, but at times her abilities don't seem to work. She is aware of the Beyond.

Beryl states she has a guardian figure, known only as 'Bella Berifes' that is apparently capable of scaring monsters off with ease and allowing her to venture in dangerous areas.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

She enrolls at Thors Military Academy at the age of 17, where she serves as the head of the Occult Research Society. Rean Schwarzer notably doesn't even remember her enrolling, and she seemingly just appears as if she had always been there. She has Rean investigate the 'Seven mysteries of Thors' which turn out to all be perfectly mundane occurrences until she reveals that there is a second set which includes the Old Schoolhouse.

She apparently has no need to study, accurately predicting which pages of the study books will come up on the exam. At the Academy festival, Beryl gives unnaturally accurate predictions to all that ask them of her. Rean can give her a complete set of the Red Moon Rose books in exchange for Zemurian ore. In her words, all who acquire a complete set meet their doom.

During the October War, Beryl provides information about Rean's 'Compatibility' with his classmates and close acquaintances. When she is encountered in Ymir with no explanation, she visible disappears into nothingness when she has finished speaking. She is also found in Nord and at Lohengrin Castle, interested in the Saint's resting ground.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After graduating, she becomes a wandering fortune-teller. She meets new Class VII in Milsante, and is not only aware of who each and everyone one of them were, but also aware in advance of their arrival and reasons for coming. She gives them three clues to help them find Juna's father in Mishelam, stating she is just fortune telling and has no ability to predict the future. She is encountered again the the Osgiliath Basin where she warns the group about an incoming cryptid.

When looking for Beryl for a radio drama, they find her in Eryn where somehow, she got past the barrier, much the surprise of the members of the Hexen Clan. Despite this, Emma remains certain that she is not a witch. In the Overture, Beryl once again provides her fortune telling services. She helps the party to break Alan free of the curse of the Great Twilight, appearing from nowhere and stating that no one can escape their nature. Her last appearance has her bid Rean and the others investigate the Sanctus Shrine with Toval and KeA, where they find a key clue to help unravel their fate.

Trails into Reverie

Beryl hosts the 'Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire?' version present in Hajimari.

She visits Jingo after fate draws her towards the store. She finds a happiness stone and wonders if it is the same as the one found in Liberl (presumably the one Mary found) She sense good fortune from it. She trades a strange sewn up doll in exchange for it and leaves.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Beryl Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class III (Occult Research Society)
A somewhat suspicious girl who acts as head of the Occult Research Society.
7 Mysteries
She was investigating the academy's seven mysteries. It seems there are two sets of mysteries, though...

Beryl Note (Sen).png 1年 III組 【オカルト研究会】

Trails of Cold Steel II

Beryl Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class III (Occult Research Society)
An eerie, somewhat disturbing first-year student who seems to know more than she should. Not a witch, at least.
She's traveling around mysterious spots across the country all alone, protected by a powerful guardian spirit. Apparently.
Journey's End
Her journey finished, she agreed to come on board the Courageous. Her identity is still as much of a mystery as ever.
Club Revival
After closing all of a sudden for unknown reasons, the Occult Research Society is suddenly back again.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Beryl Note (Sen IV).png
Traveling Fortuneteller
A woman of mystery, dressed all in black. Her prophecies are a little cryptic, but she appears to genuinely want to help.
All-Seeing Eye
Beryl was once president of Thors' Occult Research Society. She claims she can see the future, and her predictions bear that out.
One Last Prophecy
Beryl favored Rean with a final prediction for the future. She's looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.

Beryl Note (Sen IV).png

Trails into Reverie

Beryl Note (Sen IV).png