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Beryl (ベリル) is an alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class III ('04-'06).


Born in S.1186, Beryl enrolls at Thors Military Academy at the age of 17.

She serves as the head of the Occult Research Society.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Beryl Note (Sen) Year 1 Class III (Occult Research Society)
A somewhat suspicious girl who acts as head of the Occult Research Society.
7 Mysteries
She was investigating the academy's seven mysteries. It seems there are two sets of mysteries, though...

Trails of Cold Steel II

Beryl Note (Sen) Year 1 Class III (Occult Research Society)
An eerie, somewhat disturbing first-year student who seems to know more than she should. Not a witch, at least.
She's traveling around mysterious spots across the country all alone, protected by a powerful guardian spirit. Apparently.
Journey's End
Her journey finished, she agreed to come on board the Courageous. Her identity is still as much of a mystery as ever.
Club Revival
After closing all of a sudden for unknown reasons, the Occult Research Society is suddenly back again.


Trails of Cold Steel IV

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