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Bill Tausend (ビル·タウゼント) is the CEO of the Verne Company in Kuro no Kiseki.



Bill Tausend is a middle-aged man with brown eyes, hair and a thin sour expression. He has a thin pencil moustache and wears his hair slicked to the side. Bill wears a navy blue pinstripe suit with gold stripes, a black waistcoat, white shirt and red neck tie. A handkerchief is visible in his pocket and he wears smart khaki shoes.


Bill is focused entirely on looking after his profits and bottom line, and is willing to take advantages of others to bolster his position. He can get quite flustered when under pressure but can be quite conniving when it comes to thinking up ways to achieve his aims. Similarly, he gets annoyed very quickly with people who threaten his status quo.


Bill Tausend is the CEO of the Verne Company and as such, has great administrative power in the city of Basel. He is also one of the directors of the Basel Institute of Science, and seeks to shut down the astronomy department and observatory due to the lack of use it gets. Latoya Hamilton, formerly on the board of advisors at Verne, left Tausend in charge of the company when she went abroad.

Kuro no Kiseki

Prince Sherid Asverl hires Van Arkride and the Arkride Solutions Office to investigate peculiar goings on in the city of Basel after Tausend keeps providing vague responses and stalling for time. Bill reluctantly meets with Van upon his arrival and does the bare minimum to cooperate with their investigation, granting them the minimum access clearance and dismissing their speculation and questions. He then meets with the student group from Aramis High School. During this time, Quatre Salision acts as his assistant.

After David Callaghan goes missing, the group confront Tausend in his office, who is less than pleased to see them. Giscard calls him out on his inaction and demands he start taking responsibility. Tausend gives in and requests they don't tell anyone else what he reveals to them about Callaghan and Almata.

Tausend is later confronted by Sherid himself who is joined by Renne, representing the West Zemuria Technology Federation, Zeiss Central Factory and Epstein Foundation. The combined lecture from the two of them leaves him speechless.