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The Black Records (黒の史書) is an artifact that was inherited by the Arnor Family. It appears as a book series that can be collected during New Game+ in Trails of Cold Steel II and throughout Trails of Cold Steel III.

Trails of Cold Steel IV contains one final volume, authored by AZOTH.


The Black Records describe majors events throughout the history of Erebonia all the way up to S.1206. They are considered 'black history books' since they contain information not accessible to the public.

They contain stories regarding the foundations (The Gods of Creation and Foundation of the Imperial Capital), reports of more recent events (The Salt Pale and The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon) and even prophecies (Beginning of the Twilight).

Seeing events unfold exactly as written in the books, Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III tasked Chancellor Giliath Osborne to 'break' with the prophecy. It is unclear whether Chancellor Osborne has read the original Black Records or copies of them, but he is aware of the prophetic nature of the seventh volume.

The books are actually artifacts, in the possession of the Imperial Family of Erebonia and only members of the imperial family can read them. Rean Schwarzer obtains copies of them, translated from ancient script by Thomas Lysander.

Final volume

Thomas learnt about the existence of a last volume of the Black Records from the hospitalised Emperor Eugent III.[1] The emperor informed him that even he has no idea about the last volume's content, suggesting it was written after the start of the Great Twilight.[1] Thomas's search for the last volume that led him to freelance journalist Marcel Nielsen, who obtained the volume during his one month trek through Erebonia.[1] Nielsen stated that he somehow "can read" the contents and confirmed that it belongs to the last record.[1] Nielsen offered the volume in exchange for an interview with Rean Schwarzer.[1]


Trails of Cold Steel II

Volume Title Availability Location
1 The Gods of Creation December 15 to 31 Ancient Quarry - Interior, Nord Highlands
2 The Dark Dragon December 1 Purchase it from Cornette in Celdic Grand Market
3 The War of the Lions Begins December 9 Underground Waterway 2, Bareahard
4 Dreichels Takes Up Arms December 23 Norton, Roer Airport (Available after the quest "Gone Air".)
5 The War Comes to an End December 27 Entrance Hall, Lohengrin Castle

Trails of Cold Steel III

Volume Title Availability Location
1 The Gods of Creation (copy) April 22 Cathedral Square, Saint-Arkh
2 The Dark Dragon (copy)
3 The War of the Lions Begins (copy)
4 Dreichels Takes Up Arms (copy)
5 The War Comes to an End (copy)
1 The Founding of Heimdallr July 15 Chest, Heimdallr Underground
2 The Magic Knights May 20 Chest, Ursula Road
3 The Lance Maiden June 17 Manista Bookstore (Kleist Mall), Ordis
4 The Lionheart Emperor May 21 Red Pleroma location, Ursula Road
5 The Salt Pale June 18 Chest, Bryonia Island
6 The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon April 23 Chest, North Sutherland Highway
7 Twilight Begins July 17 Entrance 2F, Karel Imperial Villa

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Volume Title Availability Location
1 At Twilight's End - Year 1206~ August 28 Noche Rest Lodge, Lamarre Old Road (Reward for the quest "Nielsen's Interview".)


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