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The Black Records (黒の史書) are an artifact inherited by the Arnor Family since the foundation of Erebonia, describing the events leading up to the Great Twilight.


The Black Records describe majors events throughout the history of Erebonia all the way up to S.1206, when the Great Twilight comes into effect. They are considered 'black history books' since only the emperor of Erebonia is allowed to read them.[1]

They contain information regarding various fundamental aspects of Erebonian history, such as the foundations (The Gods of Creation and The Founding of Heimdallr), but also reports of more recent events (The Salt Pale and The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon) and even prophecies (Twilight Begins).

Seeing events unfold exactly as written in the prophecy (with said events being archived in detail via the earlier volumes), Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III tasked Chancellor Giliath Osborne with carrying out the prophecy and bringing the Erebonian Curse to an end. [2]

Trails of Cold Steel II[]

Rean Schwarzer can find the first set of Black Records under specific circumstances, and give them to Instructor Thomas for translating. After the appearance of the Reverie Corridor, Thomas and Rosine reveal their true allegiance as Gralsritter to him, and they agree to share information about the Black Records in the future.

Trails of Cold Steel III[]

Rosine gives Rean copies of the first set, while a second set of Black Records can be found across Erebonia and given to her for translation. However, the first and seventh books require Thomas' help.

After defeating the revived Zoro-Agruga in the Catacombs, Thomas and Rosine are able to finish decoding the last books. They share the imminent prophecy about the Great Twilight with Class VII just before the Gral of Erebos appears.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Following the beginning of the Great Twilight, Thomas finds about the existence of one final volume of the Black Records from the hospitalized Eugent Reise Arnor III, despite him not having read it.

Thomas' search for the last volume led him to freelance journalist Marcel Nielsen, who obtained the volume during his month-long trek through Erebonia, and offered to share it in exchange for an interview with Rean. Nielsen stated he can somehow read the contents, confirming that it was the final volume. On September 1st, Thomas finished deciphering the final volume and gave it to Rean, who shared its contents with the emperor.

The final volume revealed the author of the Black Records as AZOTH, Causality Recording Engine 03.

Trails into Reverie[]

The entire series can be found in a random chest in the True Reverie Corridor.


Volume Title Availability Location
Cold Steel II 1 The Gods of Creation Act 2: "The Awakening Lions"
Finale: "Forward, Relentlessly"
After recruiting Clara
Glowing spot where Ginosha-Zanak was in the Ancient Quarry, Nord Highlands
2 The Dark Dragon Act 1: "Ashen Chronicles", 12/1 onwards Cornette's General Goods, Celdic
3 The War of the Lions Begins Act 1: "Ashen Chronicles", 12/9
After completing St. Veronica's Tears
Glowing spot where the Abyss Drome was in the Bareahard Underground Waterway
4 Dreichels Takes Up Arms Act 2: "The Awakening Lions", 12/23
After completing Gone Air
Norton, Roer Airport
5 The War Comes to an End Act 2: "The Awakening Lions", 12/27
During Mist Opportunity
Southwest corner of the Lohengrin Castle Entrance
Cold Steel III 1 The Founding of Heimdallr Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr", 7/15 Chest in Heimdallr Underground
2 The Magic Knights Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell", 5/20 Chest in Ursula Byroad
3 The Lance Maiden Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel", 6/17 Manista's Bookstore, Ordis
4 The Lionheart Emperor Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell", 5/21 Red Pleroma location in Ursula Byroad
5 The Salt Pale Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel", 6/18 Chest in Bryonia Island
6 The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon Chapter 1: "Reunion", 4/23 Chest in North Sutherland Highway
7 Twilight Begins Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr", 7/17 End of the right 2nd floor balcony of the Karel Imperial Villa Entrance
Cold Steel IV Final At Twilight's End - Year 1206~ Act 3: "Seekers of the Dawn", 8/27 Interview with Nielsen reward


  1. Emperor Eugent: It would seem the church is seeking them out, but the original writings are in the Imperial family's possession. Only those who succeed the throne are permitted to read them. They are records of the truth of this nation's history and a prophecy of its future.
  2. Emperor Eugent: An inevitable future, no doubt. I'm certain any attempts to avoid it will only cause things to become further warped and twisted. That is one of the reasons I am not putting a stop to the chancellor's actions.