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The Dark Dragon

Year 371, Septian Calendar

Two hundred years after Heimdallr was first founded, ruin rose on monstrous wings from the depths of the earth.

Its name was Zoro-Agruga, the Dark Dragon.

A malevolent creature of terrible power, it spread a miasma throughout the capital that turned Heimdallr into a city of the dead.

But the horrors did not end there. The evil dragon desecrated the corpses of the fallen, taking control of their bodies and using them to attack those who remained alive, further increasing the legions of the dead.

The emperor at the time, Astorius II, was forced to flee the city with what remained of his household and citizens. Together they retreated south and established a new capital in the land of Saint-Arkh.

For a hundred years the bane of Heimdallr went unchallenged until Hector I, the seventh emperor of Erebonia, resolved to recapture the city.

Time had proved an ally to the beast, however, and the dragon's influence had spread over the surrounding area like a plague.

Undaunted, Hector I led an army of brave knights into the necropolis in an attempt to free it. But though their hearts were steadfast, their arrival was met by legions of powerful fiends, and their efforts seemed doomed to end in failure.

It was then that Hector I had a fateful encounter with non other than the great Vermillion Knight, Testa-Rossa.

The knight recognized Hector I as its master, and bolstered by its immense power and countless weapons, the emperor moved once again on the city and to the decisive encounter with the Dark Dragon.

The battle shook the city to its core, and at the end, the Vermillion Knight was victorious. The scourge of Heimdallr, the Dark Dragon, was defeated.

However, the price for victory was steep.

The corrupted blood that flowed from the dragon claimed Hector's life and defiled even the knight itself, placing a curse upon it.

The noble Testa-Rossa became the Crimson Calamity: a demon with a thousand weapons that only reacts to the blood of the Arnor family; a destructive force on par with the Dark Dragon that, should control of it ever be lost, would threaten the world and all who live in it. It was sealed deep underground, never intended to again see the light of day.

Meanwhile, a new city rose from the ashed of the old, and people once again began to gather in Heimdallr. And that was when the Vermillion Capital that endures to this day was first built.