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The Founding of Heimdallr - Year 081

In the years following the Great Collapse, Adjudicator Arnor chose Heimdallr as his base of operations from which he planned to rebuild the land of Erebos. Before long, the city became a pillar of the region, and following that, its capital.

The citizens however, continued to suffer in the harsh post-Collapse world. They wished for a strong, caring leader to see them through these harsh times.

It was in Arnor their wish was granted. After being recognized as an adjudicator by both Holy Beasts, he was the clear choice. He was crowned as emperor and became the first of many rulers in the Arnor bloodline.

Upon his coronation, members of the Septian Church were dispatched from Arteria to endorse the new ruler.

The people of Zemuria had lost the objects of their worship in the Great Collapse. However, the Church provided them a new way of connecting with Aidios--faith. In addition, by recognizing the legitimacy of rulers across the continent, they strengthened the foundations of its recovering civilizations.

In the year 81 of the Septian Calendar, the third Emperor, Sion Arnor had a great cathedral built in Heimdallr.

The cathedral was to be a bastion of faith and would serve as a site to crown future emperors, but it also held a far more significant role. Unbeknownst to the public, an artificial Primal Ground was created below the cathedral--a replica of the one that existed below Arteria.

With the Church's increased presence, the desperate times following the Great Collapse came to an end. The people had lost their civilization, but now had faith to sustain them in their search for light in the Dark Ages.

However, 200 years later, the darkness that gripped Erebonia would pull them down to the depths of ruin. One of the Holy Beasts suddenly disappeared along with the Primal Grounds below the cathedral. It was that same day that the Dark Dragon's miasma laid waste to Heimdallr.


大聖堂は信仰の拠り処にして、皇帝家の正統性を認める儀礼場だったが、より重大かつ具体的な役割を持っていた。 即ち『始まりの地』—原型をアルテリアに持ち、その複製として建造されることで“ある目的"を果たした《人工特異点》とも呼ぶべき地下施設を備えることである。