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The Magic Knights - Year 527

150 years after the recapture of the capital by Emperor Hector, powerful families rose across the empire while Imperial power stabilized. The empire slowly took on the form of multiple territories.

The noble families were recognized by the emperor, and they soon began to quarrel over territories, starting many small-scale battles.

During this time, great knights akin to Emperor Hector's Vermillion Knight appeared and were occasionally used in conflict.

Some noble families each received their own Azure, Violet, Ash, Silver, and Gold knights, allowing them to wield overwhelming power and determine the outcome of battles.

However, the great knights were something of a Calamity. Other powerful noble families were not in search of more power or mira, but in search of some kind of resistance.

Then came the mages' new creations. Golems born of magic, the Magic Knights.

Like many others, the mages were in pursuit of the glory of the ancient Zemurians, and were obsessed with recreating it.

With mira from the noble families and the help of a certain faction, several Magic Knights were created to resist the great knights.

Unfortunately, these Magic Knights were imperfect. They had a critical fault of only being operable when spirit veins were activated. Luckily, spirit veins were always disrupted wherever the great knights appeared, so the Magic Knights became a successful resistance countermeasure.

In the year 527, the first golem that was used as a basis for the Magic Knights was created by a mage serving a now extinct, but formerly powerful northern noble family.

At a height of five arge, this headless golem, called Ol Gadia, became a remnant of the mages' trial and error and a prototype for later golems.

『魔煌の傀儡兵』 S527