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The Lance Maiden - Year 942

Two shadows wavered in the corner of a dark, underground room, lit only by a small bonfire.

'I see... So you feel an overwhelming 'presence,' do you?'

A young maiden stood before the fire. The faint breeze passing through the underground blew her hair, giving it the appearance of a flowing stream of gold, contrasting with the massive silver lance she held in her arms.

'Oh? Are you telling me you wish to turn back before we have even begun? If you are, then so be it. This is far beyond the power of mankind.' A young woman with golden hair and red eyes, wielding a dimly-shining staff, answered in an antiquated tone.

The maiden shook her head and urged the woman to open the door before her.

It bore the crest of a cross, surrounded by spirals.

The maiden's name was Lianne Sandlot, the daughter of the count of Lohengrin Castle in Legram. However, she would be remembered by history as the Lance Maiden.

Raised in Legram, known for its masterful teachings of warfare, she displayed skill in the art of battle far surpassing her age.

At the young age of 15, she was already a match for the castle knights.

Said to have god-like mastery of a lance on horseback, it wasn't long before she had completely surpassed the other knights in competitions, amassing a veritable mountain of laurels and awards.

The country was amazed by this young girl's incredible talent. The tale of the maiden who was stronger than the knights protecting her spread and people began to flock to her.

At age 16, she began hearing a voice in her head. The voice was austere yet magnanimous, and it told Lianne of the duty she had to fulfill...and the destiny she had to accept.

Naturally, Lianne was upset by this voice only she could hear. However, it wasn't long until she met its owner--a mysterious woman who called herself a witch.

The witch spoke of an entity sealed far below the castle and of Lianne's duty to become its master.

Its presence was overwhelming, and once claimed, it would bring its wielder great power...yet it also had the potential to cause great devastation. After much consideration, Lianne made the decision to undergo its trial.

It was her way of trying to bring an end to the empire's conflicts. In addition, as long as she held this power for her own, the noble families would never be able to abuse it. The witch was surprised by Lianne's answer, but recognized her determination and spirit by offering to help her.

Thus the door opened, and the Lance Maiden and the witch proceeded into the trial...

Five years later, the demise of the emperor would lead to the beginning of the largest-scale civil war history had ever seen, 'The War of the Lions.'

『槍の聖女・前日譚』 S0942