The Lionheart Emperor - Year 994

'Forgive me. You may leave now.'

'Yes, sir. Please call for me if anything happens.'

The head butler, now in his later years, bowed before leaving. The other man sighed deeply as he lied down on the bed.

He was elderly and sick. His well-trained body was as sturdy as a fortress still, and very few would ever doubt the condition of his health. However, he was clearly aging, weakening, and felt his end looming over the horizon.

The Lionheart Emperor, otherwise known as Dreichels Reise Arnor.

He was the 73rd emperor, and nearing the age of 70.

After ending the five year long civil war known as the War of the Lions, Dreichels had been working tirelessly for 40 years.

Although he was enthroned the year the war ended, he had lost his Nordic friends and parted with the witch. He and his vassals worked hard to restore the empire.

(I have no regrets.)

(No need to worry about the children, either...)

The empress had also urged him to give up on thoughts of the past. She was the daughter of a marquis who was assassinated during the civil war, and although she was much younger than he, they fell deeply in love and she bore him two sons and two daughters.

Although she passed several years earlier, their children remained healthy and would shoulder the burden of the reconstructed empire's future.

(The next generation is being raised as well...)

In the first half of the war, his best friend, Roland Vander, gave his life to protect him, and now Arnor raised his son. The son was already in his 40's now, and he flourished as a martial arts master while serving as a military officer.

Then there was Thors Military Academy.

He had established the academy 20 years prior. It was a place for the best and the brightest, accepting students from various backgrounds.

(He'd be surprised...)

He smiled, thinking of his good friend that had fallen into a deep slumber at the end of the civil war.

The academy was constructed at the place where he now rested.
(These long years weren't for nothing, then.)

(As long as I can endure that thing before Aidios comes for me, that is...)
He looked apathetically to the corner of the room.

There waited the nameless darkness.


Today, it came again to speak to him.

Begging pathetically.

Threatening with intimidation.

Subtle and inviting.

He knew what it was. Ever since that day, 40 years ago, when he took the throne.

(I suppose I should be happy the children and their descendants were not cursed...)

If he were not the man with a lion's heart, it would have surely been the start of unbearable suffering and despair.


An incredibly nostalgic and harmonious voice.

Long, golden, flowing hair suddenly appeared.

『獅子心皇帝・後日譚』 S0994






































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