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The Salt Pale - Year 1178

On July 1st, 1178, at 5:45AM, a great catastrophe struck North Ambria, then a principality in northern Zemuria. A giant, white pillar suddenly appeared on the outskirts of its capital, Haliask.

The pillar was composed not of snow nor ice, but salt. As such, it was named the Salt Pale. A storm of salt spread outward from it, salinifying everything it touched. Despite only lasting a few days, its effects were felt for months afterward, as citizens fled south, seeking refuge.

In the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe, the number of victims equaled about one-eighth of the country's population. That number rose to nearly a third of the population with the inclusion of victims in the days that followed.

After the incident, the Septian Church led evacuation procedures, provided aid, and employed hundreds from the Bracer Guild to help.

In a short time, relief forces from Erebonia, Remiferia, Jurai, Liberl, and the Republic of Calvard had assembled in North Ambria.

Meanwhile, the country's leader, Prince Balmund--who had fled to a neighboring country at the start of the catastrophe--had returned to rebuild the government. However, he was met with violence from the enraged citizens for leaving them behind in their hour of need.

In the end, he was forcibly removed from power, and North Ambria became a democracy. The remnants of its former armed forces reformed as the Northern Jaegers.

Erebonia, their neighbor to the south, had contradictory views on the new autonomous state.

On one hand, it refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new democratic government.

On the other, it eagerly welcomed the Northern Jaegers. North Ambria's extreme poverty and focus on bringing in foreign currency meant that the former soldiers were easily manipulated by the promise of Imperial coin.

The Jaeger corps went around the empire, hiring themselves out to the nobility and newly developing businesses who were fighting over septium and natural resources.

They turned out to be the perfect pawns for Erebonia to use in its proxy wars and internal struggles. Despite this, the massive amounts of mira that flowed in from the empire helped save North Ambria from its dire straits.

27 years after the catastrophe of the Salt Pale, the empire annexed North Ambria as reparations for the Northern Jaegers' actions in the Erebonian Civil War. As before, Erebonia's vast resources ended up lifting the former independent state out of its chronic poverty.

Shortly after the disaster, the Septian Church restricted access to the northern half of the country. After the annexation, however, the Imperial Army's Intelligence Division began investigating the pale, which had since been classified as an 'otherworldly singularity.'

One of the Intelligence Division's collaborators has been able to confirm that members of the Church's Dominion retreived the Salt Pale and brought it back to Arteria. It's rumored, however, that a piece of the pale still remains onsite in North Ambria.

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