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The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon - Year 1203

S.1203, February - The southern reaches of the Sutherland Province.

All orbal power came to a sudden stop in the area around Parm and Titus Gate. It had been a relatively mild winter, but without lights, communications, or heaters, the people of Parm found themselves subjected to cold and darkness for an entire week.

The Sutherland provincial army was called in to provide aid. After a short investigation, the source of the outage was determined to be a city-sized airship that appeared over Valleria Lake in Liberl, the neighboring kingdom to the south.

The floating structure had a height of 5,000 and a length of 3,000 arge. The ancient Zemurian structure drew in nearly all orbal energy from the entirety of Liberl into itself. Thus, the southern reaches of Erebonia were affected as well.

Three days after the incident began, the Imperial Army's 3rd Armored Division moved with surprising speed from Dreknor Fortress to Parm, and then on to Titus Gate, giving support to those affected along the way.

Though the army's orbal tanks ceased to function near the empire's southern border, they also had a large number of steam-powered tanks available. Using the combustion-driven models allowed them to get around without relying on orbal energy. Even the cannons themselves used gunpowder ammunition. Though it wasn't ideal, it was enough to allow them to respond to the situation.

The leader of the 3rd Armored Division was Lieutenant Zechs Vander, a member of the family tasked with guarding the Imperial family and a moderate in an army led mostly by war hawks. He felt conflicted as he led his division south into Liberlian territory. The government's stated reason for his current orders were to protect the citizens during the power outage and assist Liberl during the current crisis.

The strange part was that the steamipwered tanks--which were vastly inferior to the orbal powered models--had been commissioned by the Imperial government and provided to army only a month before the incident.

Though the 3rd Armored Division was the first to make it to the border, a number of other divisions were on their way.

In the end, the military intervention was stopped thanks to Prince Olivert of Erebonia's Imperial family and Brigadier General Cassius Bright of the Liberlian Army. With the arrival of Liberl's functioning airship, Arseille as proof they could handle the situation without Erebonia's assistance, they were given the time they needed to restore power to the region. As orbal energy returned to the southern reaches of the empire, it signaled the end of the tension between the two nations.

To certain individuals, however, it was clear that the Faceless--the anguis of Ouroboros responsible for engineering the incident--had connections to Erebonia's Intelligence Division.

The small, autonomous weapons the Faceless utilized during this period of time would later come to be known as combat shells.

『導力停止現象』 S1203


















———なお、 《白面》が使用していた自律制御型の小型兵装は、 《戦術殻》と呼称されている。