Foundation of the Imperial Capital - the land of beginnings (S.81)

Heimdallr, built by the Arnor mediator to serve as the home of renaissance in the land of Erebos, became known as the 'imperial capital' several years after that calamity.

The populace, suffering from distress and poverty, longed for a permanent and local leader. As a result, the first Arnor, recognised as the mediator from the second Holy Beast, and his bloodline were requested as the leader of hereditary succession, and he was set up as 'emperor'.

Officials of the Septian Church were dispatched from the land of Arteria to support and acknowledge the new order. They introduced a new form to interact with the Goddess in the form of 'faith' to the children of man, who had lost their emotional pillar after the Great Collapse, and at the same time they acknowledged the legitimacy of leaders throughout the continent to strengthen the social infrastructure for after the renaissance.

And thus, in the year 81 of the Septian Calendar under the reign of the third emperor, Sion Arnor, a cathedral was built in Heimdallr, after which people started to call the city the 'imperial capital'. The cathedral served as the home of faith and the ceremonial site the acknowledge the legitimacy of the imperial family, other than its important, tangible purpose.

That is the Primal Ground, a reproduction of the original in Arteria, installed as an underground facility referred to as an Artificial Singularity to fulfill 'a certain purpose'.

Thus, marking the end of the period of disturbances immediately following the Great Collapse, the children of man who lost their former civilisation now protected the cradle of faith and headed into the Dark Ages in their search for light.

But 200 years later, the 'darkness' of Erebonia's land changed it into something riddled with darkness and despair. The Artificial Singularity vanished alongside one Holy Beast, and that Dark Dragon sealed off Heimdallr with its miasma from that day onward.


大聖堂は信仰の拠り処にして、皇帝家の正統性を認める儀礼場だったが、より重大かつ具体的な役割を持っていた。 即ち『始まりの地』—原型をアルテリアに持ち、その複製として建造されることで“ある目的"を果たした《人工特異点》とも呼ぶべき地下施設を備えることである。


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