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The Bobcat is a large airship owned by the Capua family.


The Bobcat is a large airship owned by the Capua family. It has been under their ownership since they lost their aristocratic title and land rights.

In Trails in the Sky FC, the Bobcat served as the Capua family's main base and home for much of the game prior to their arrest. After they escaped from prison in Trails in the Sky SC, Joshua helped the Capuas to retrieve their airship which was going to be claimed by the Erebonian government in order to lure them out. They then used it as their main base and home again.

After the Capuas go straight, the Bobcat is used as a transport vehicle meant to deliver packages and goods all over Zemuria.



  • In Japanese, the airship is referred to as Wildcat (ワイルドキャット, Wairudokatto), a reference to The Wildcat Bandits who appear in the Gagharv Trilogy.


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