Bose (ボース地方) is the northernmost region in Liberl. It borders on the Ruan region to the west, Valleria Lake to the south, the Rolent region to the east and the Erebonian province of Sutherland to the north. Its provincial capital is the City of Bose.



Bose - North Region 1 (Sky1)

City of Bose, also known as the City of Commerce, is the regional capital of the Bose region, the second-largest city in Liberl, and easily the most active. Bose specialises in trade and regularly negotiates shipments with Erebonia.

Bose - Ravennue Village 2 (Sky1)

Ravennue Village is a small farming village located due northwest of City of Bose. The town earns most of its money primarily from the export of fruits and vegetables.

Bose - Valleria Shore 2 (Sky1)

Valleria Lakeshore is a popular tourist destination located on the shores of Valleria Lake. It is mostly a getaway for people who want to relax and enjoy the view of the lake or to spend time with their loved ones with.

Bose - Amberl Tower 11 (Sky1)

Amberl Tower is one of the Tetracyclic Towers, four ancient towers dating back to before the Great Collapse. It is named after the septium of earth.

Military installations

Bose - Haken Gate 3 (Sky1)

Haken Gate is a guarded checkpoint on the international border between the region Bose in Liberl and the Sutherland Province in Erebonia.

Rolent - Verte Bridge 1 (Sky1)

Verte Bridge is a drawbridge that serves as a guarded checkpoint between the regions Bose and Rolent in Liberl.

Bose - Krone Pass 1 (FC)

Krone Pass is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Bose and Ruan in Liberl.

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