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The Bose Market (ボースマーケット) is a famous large market located within the City of Bose, Liberl, in Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd.


After the Hundred Days War, Bose was in shambles since its region and the city was basically turned to rubble by the Erebonian Empire. However the mayor at the time (the father of the current mayor, Maybelle) took to redesign the whole market and gather every merchant to do business and work here. With the accumulated wealth as a result, the whole City of Bose was rebuilt to its whole glory. Later on, the Bose Market would be built with the wealth of the merchants.

The Bose Market is located exactly at the center of the northern block of the city. Inside contains many stores of items to purchase and look at. As it is akin to a mall, there are many NPCs inside to talk to and there are 4 entrances into the market. The architecture looks likes a dome and its all indoors with a fountain in the middle. On the sides contain stores with many of them as stands used by the merchants. There are also a lot of newbie merchants inside too.


The organisation of the market itself consists of various sized stores and stands; and people have to apply to have with the Bose Government if they want to have their store there.

Some of the stores located within Bose Market include:

  • Spence Pharmacy
  • Trayton Foods
  • Buck's Greengrocery
  • Katrina's Confectionery
  • Felicia's Hardware Store
  • Paul & Elke's Outlet
  • Minuet's Magazine Stand