The Bose Market is a famous large market located within the City of Bose, in Liberl in Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


The Bose Market is one of the most famous tourist and shopping destinations in the Bose region and Liberl. Peope come all over the continent just to see their wares. The market was opened prior to the Hundred Days War and has been running ever since then. It is officially run by Mayor Maybelle who oversees its day-to-day operations.


The organisation of the market itself consists of various sized stores and stands; and people have to apply to have with the Bose Government if they want to have their store there.

Some of the stores located within Bose Market include:

  • Spence Pharmacy
  • Trayton Foods
  • Buck's Greengrocery
  • Katrina's Confectionery
  • Felicia's Hardware Store
  • Paul & Elke's Outlet
  • Minuet's Magazine Stand


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