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The Bright Family House (ブライト家) is the family home of Cassius Bright and his family. It is located a short distance south from Rolent.


Bright Family House


1st Floor

  • Kitchen
  • Office

2nd Floor

  • Estelle's bedroom
  • Joshua's bedroom (formerly storage room)
  • Cassius' bedroom

Trails in the Sky FC


The Bright Family House is the main residence of the Bright Family. It was built prior to Estelle's birth and it is hinted that Cassius and his wife, Lena, had lived there for a long time.

In S.1197 Cassius brought home a wounded Joshua. From that moment on, Joshua lived with Estelle and Cassius as he recovered, and eventually became part of the family with Cassius as his adoptive father. 5 years later, Estelle and Joshua would become junior bracers, and with Cassius leaving to Erebonia on bracer business, the house would go unoccupied for a long time.

Trails in the Sky SC


Estelle hastily returns home by herself after the Queen's birthday celebrations.

Still in denial about Joshua's sudden disappearance, she meets Kevin Graham on the airship, who accompanies her to her home. There, she finally realizes the full weight of Joshua's actions and the reason behind them, thanks to Kevin's encouragement. Cassius and Scherazard arrive, having been warned by Kevin beforehand, and suggest to Estelle the possibility of training in Le Locle to prepare for her objective of bringing Joshua back.

Later, during Estelle's investigation on the fog enveloping Rolent suddenly, her group stops briefly at her home for a break, where Scherazard talks about her past with her troupe and how she met the Brights.

Afterwards, Estelle and her party pursue the culprit to Mistwald Forest, and after finding a Gospel causing the fog, Estelle alone emerges next to her home. She sees her parents and is returned to her 6 year old self, but is able to return to normal and awaken after finding Joshua's harmonica in the illusion and playing The Whereabouts of Light.



Location Fish Bait
Fishing Spot - Bright Family Pond (SC).webp
Bright Family Pond
Carp Earthworm (63.6%), Dumplings (36.4%), River Snail (57.1%), Crab (50%)
Dace River Bug (25%), Roe (42.9%), Red Flies (69.2%)
Liberl Carp River Bug (33.3%), Dumplings (63.6%), Red Flies (30.8%)
Rockeater Earthworm (36.4%), River Bug (41.7%), Roe (57.1%), River Snail (42.9%), Frog (100%), Yamany (100%), Dace (100%), Crab (50%)