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Not to be confused with Burst (Link Attack).

Burst (バースト) is combat mechanic introduced in Trails to Azure.


After re-assembling the SSS, a gauge appears in the top-right of the screen. Burst Points can be gathered by attacking enemies. Filling up the gauge allows players to select the Burst command. During Burst, the party member will attack every enemy on the screen. In addition, activating Burst gives the following advantages during its effect.

  • All party members will advance towards the next action turn.
  • All Party members recovered from any status effects.
  • Arts are instantly casted without casting delays.
  • The effect can be extended as long as your hitting enemies till the burst gauge reaches 0.

Drawbacks of Burst include:

  • Passing turns without activating the command while the gauge is at maximum will lose Burst Points.
  • The function won't activate until you have a full party of 4 members.