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C (《(シー)》) is one of the three protagonists in Hajimari no Kiseki.


C is introduced as a black-clad knight, an excellent swordsman, who hides his face behind a face mask. His true identity remains shrouded in mystery as he single-handedly investigates the Imperial Defense Force commanded by Rufus Albarea during his time as governor-general in Crossbell. C travels alongside Lapis Rosenberg, Swin Abel and Nadia Rayne.

Hajimari no Kiseki

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C reveals his true identity.

Not long after beginning his mission, Swin Abel and Nadia Rayne delivered Lapis Rosenberg to the masked Rufus; he convinced Lapis to travel with him to help restore her memories as he felt she was the key to resolving the case, and he hired Swin and Nadia as mercenaries to help him in his quest. His mask was broken and his identity revealed not long after he formed a team with the trio, during a battle between his team and a team involving Rean, Jusis, and Crow, when the two teams crossed paths in and around Heimdallr. He insisted that he was not the Supreme Leader and he was investigating the imposter himself before fleeing on Jingo's airship.

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Falcom got their ideas for Hajimari no Kiseki's scenario from their younger staff members, with C born straight from their proposal. ‘The Hermit’ basically refers to C, acting as the leader of his group.[1]


Hajimari no Kiseki


  • C is also known as The Hermit.
  • Surprisingly, despite his looks giving the idea of "darkness" and a promotional picture showing him casting something that looks like a Time spell, C's Orbment Type is Wind and Mirage, not Time.


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