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The Calabria (カラブリア号) is an airship owned by the Liberl Orbalship Corporation and used for international flights between Grancel and Remiferia.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

In S.1203,[Note 1] Giliath Osborne visits the Grancel Castle in Liberl uninvited after touring eastern Erebonia during a routine inspection, offering his sympathies to the queen. He departs the city on the same day onboard the Calabria for Crossbell. In the air, the Calabria is met by the Arseille carrying Prince Olivert, who sends a message of good fortune and prosperity to the passengers on the ship.[5]



  1. Takes place one month after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon. Based on data provided in Trails of Cold Steel III,[2] Giliath Osborne visited Liberl in March or the beginning of April. In Trails from Zero, Hartmann says he visited Crossbell "around spring of last year".[3][4]


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