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The Republic of Calvard (カルバード共和国(きょうわこく)) is a republic located in western Zemuria, and was founded in S.1090. It is bordered to the southwest by Liberl; to the west by Erebonia and Crossbell; to the northwest by Remiferia and Ored. Calvard's current head of state is president Roy Gramheart.


Ruins found in S.1202 confirm that the Ancient Zemurian civilisation originally flourished in the territory now known as Calvard. Ruins dating back to the Dark and Middle ages can be found under many of Calvard cities including Edith, Oración and Tharbad. Stone circles similar in nature to those found in the Nord Highlands or in the Zeiss region of Liberl can be found near Creil Village.

Republican revolution[]

Historically, Calvard was a monarchy ruled by the Eldarion family. They owned an Artifact classified as a mid-grade legendary relic, Apeiron, which by some power could select the rightful heir to the throne and was only usable by that person. It was a sword that contained both holy and demonic energies.

Calvard remained under a monarchy until s.1100 where the ruling family was overthrown and almost all members eradicated. Contemporary events included the fall of the Holy Iska Empire in the east and a prior annexation of Crossbell by Erebonian Empire. At this time, there was a large scale famine in kingdom and the nobility continued to oppress the populace even through all the suffering. The idea of a 'democratic revolution' was regarded as a ideological delusion, but students of the Royal Academy were the ones who finally rose up in revolt and many young people were attracted to the idea, beginning the movement.

The most notable figure was perhaps Sheena Dirke who played an important role as the figurehead of the revolution and its mother, despite being a student and just 20 years of age. Other notable figures include Sheena's companions, the artist, Aramis Gainsborough, the general Ulgar Atkinson, a former officer in the Royal Army, and the philosopher Auguste Ardant, who was said to become a despot and eventually overcome by Sheena. The revolutionaries believed in combining many, regardless of race, nationality, ideology, or creed, and channeling them into something greater.

There was a thorough crackdown on the revolutionaries in which many young people lost their lives. Sheena herself was imprisoned and suffered many hardships. Ultimately, Sheena became a symbol for the revolutionary army when her unwavering dedication to her homeland struck a chord with many people of all walks of life and the old monarchy was toppled in an event known as the 'Battle of Edith' in that year's May. Sheena also overcame an invasion by the nobility of Erebonia. She became the first leader of a democratic Calvard and began modernizing, chartering their constitution and moving the capital to Edith.

The republic was founded on the ideals of Equality, Freedom and Unity, where peoples of all races and cultures would be welcomed. The national anthem A pledge of White Cloves was selected after another close contender for the anthem, La Oracíonese was rejected for lyrics which lamented the fall of the monarchy and its widespread nature making it hard to change its contents. The three leaf clover on Calvard's emblem represents the revolution.

After Sheena's death, the Dirke Memorial Park was opened in her memory and dedicated to the preservation of nature. A statue of her was erected in Vantaille District. Similarly, the Royal Academy was rechristened to Aramis Academy using the Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl and the Thors Military Academy in Erebonia as a template. Aramis was the first president of the school and continued to influence art history.

Several ruling aristocrats lost major influence and power following the revolution, and many of their descendents can be found in the former capital Oración in the present day. One such bloodline is that of Marquis Auclair. The last surviving members of the royal family were the Eldarions who used the D∴G cult to remain hidden.

An important milestone in the history of Calvard is the financial disaster that struck the Kingdom of Calvard in S.1104.[2][1] It is said that merchants from East Zemuria financially supported the democratic revolutionary force that overthrew the ruling monarchy.[2] Assassins from the East targeted several influential persons.[2] The revolutionaries resorted to a number of illegal activities to carry out their ideology, both prior to and after the establishment of the republic.

Later History[]

The Erebonian Empire ceded its easternmost province Crossbell before it was merged with Calvard. Ownership over the province remained disputed however, and a political compromise was made between Calvard and Erebonia to re-establish the Crossbell Province as an independent state.

Professor C. Epstein was known to have played a role in Calvard's history, and his descendants (through adoption) reside there to the present day. He left behind the Oct-Geneses prototype orbments and designed the Trion Tower in Edith.

In S.1187, the passenger ship Eterna sank in Calvardian waters. On board were Crown Prince Judis von Auslese of Liberl and his wife. They died in the accident, leaving behind a 1-year-old daughter.

Hundred Days War[]

During the Hundred Days War, Calvard was unable to dispatch forces quickly enough to support Liberl against Erebonia's blitzkrieg tactics. Before Erebonia was able to dispatch reinforcements from the empire, other neighboring countries followed Calvard's example and together with the Royal Army of Liberl they successfully managed to push back Erebonia.

D∴G Cult[]

In the second half of the S.1190s, Calvard was caught in a political stalemate with the D∴G Cult: the cult committed a series of violent attacks but the republican government was unable to react because of the cult's possession of intel of high-ranking government officials.

Ultimately, the government resorted to an investigation team with the Bracer Guild at its core to suppress the cult. Under supervision of high-ranking bracers Cassius Bright and Zin Vathek and police investigators Guy Bannings and Arios MacLaine, the investigation team managed to destroy the cult and its lodges in Calvard. A second operation launched by Ouroboros also eradicated parts of the cult.

Deteriorating relationship with Erebonia[]

Calvard's relationship with Erebonia worsened after completion of the orbal railgun cannons at Garrelia Fortress on its easternmost border. After the conflict between Erebonia and Liberl during the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, Calvard signed the Non-Aggression Pact between the three countries, but had a military outpost set near the Nord Highlands.

In June S.1204, the military outpost was attacked and took heavy damage; the Imperial watchtower that was observing them was also destroyed. Calvard prepared for war, but an investigation by Thors Military Academy's Class VII revealed that it was actually the work of jaeger drop-outs under supervision of the Imperial Liberation Front. Although skeptical of the cause, war was nonetheless averted between the two countries.

Conflict with Crossbell[]

In August that year, President Samuel Rocksmith attended the West Zemuria Trade Conference in Crossbell's brand-new Orchis Tower. On the second day of the summit, on August 31, a terrorist collaboration between the Imperial Liberation Front and the Republican Anti-Immigration Group. The Heiyue branch had accepted the Republican government's request to suppress the terrorist attack.

On October 24, Crossbell declared itself as an independent state and freezes all assets of both Calvard and Erebonia. In response, the Republic Army of Calvard coordinated an invasion with the Imperial Army of Erebonia from both sides. Both forces, however, met destruction at the hands of Crossbell's new humanoid weapons, the Aion.

The attack on the trade conference combined with the economic damage from Crossbell's asset freeze caused rising terrorism across Calvard. In response to this, Rocksmith started an aggressive crackdown on anti-immigration terrorist groups.

Shrinking superpower[]

After the Erebonian Civil War and the subsequent Imperial annexation of Crossbell, the Republic Army deployed its airborne military unit to take back Crossbell on March 9, S.1205. Its 2nd Area Division, also known as the Armored Aviation Regiment "Canopus", managed to push back the 9th Armored Division of the Imperial Army, but suffered horrible defeat with the arrival of the "Riserva" Panzer Soldat Unit. When the Divine Knight Valimar appeared, the unit withdrew to the outskirts of Altair.

All attempts by Calvard to retake Crossbell were met with failure, as a single Panzer Soldat easily bested all of Calvard's military might.

With the Imperial annexation of North Ambria in S.1205/6, the Erebonian Empire had officially become larger than Calvard, inflicting fear among its government. Ouroboros and certain jaegers operate from within Calvard against the Erebonian government.

Second War[]

Already on an unstable relation with Erebonia, Calvard sent Hercules members to infiltrate Heimdallr and the surrounding area to obtain intelligence. Despite the use of their RAMDA orbments, many members were still captured, leading to rising tensions between the two nations.

On July 17 S.1206, Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III was nearly assassinated by Ash Carbide, a student of Class VII at the branch campus. Ash was Erebonian, but was manipulated into attacking Eugent for the Hamel Tragedy. The gun Ash had however, was one of Calvardian make. Osborne claimed that Calvard had attempted to assassinate the Emperor, preparing for a mobilization of the military to punish Calvard for its actions.

Calvard vehemently denied the accusations and also prepared for war, but knew that they were woefully outmatched. Fortunately, Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne was able to gain Calvard's support, alongside other nations to stop Erebonia to support them. In the ensuing war, the Erebonian masterminds were killed and a ceasefire was declared two days after war began. Calvard demanded astronomical indemnities for Erebonia's reckless declaration of war, which they were paid by from the royal family, Reinford Group and Four Great Houses.

In the aftermath of the war, Roy Gramheart succeeded Samuel as president. He had been a member of the republican party before leaving to join the Patriot party and winning the subsequent election. He arranged for Ouroboros and his own forces not to conflict which each other for the period of three years.

Trails through Daybreak[]

Roy immediately set about in improving Calvard's military to match that of Erebonia's, while also expanding research into "other worlds". In the wake of the Great War, the reparations paid to the Republic resulted in record investment opportunities and unprecedented prosperity for Calvard, allowing it to become the strongest economy in Western Zemuria. He retained widespread public support and was highly regarded by his country.

In the approach to the end of the reparations, old problems that had tormented the Republic before began to resurface, namely the sentiments of the anti-immigration factions who opposed the idea of eastern and middle-eastern integration and the rise of the Almata mafia who underwent a meteoric rise in power and influence and threatened to break the existing status quo with the underworld, attracting the ire of several parties with a stake in Calvard.

A conversation between Yang Cronkite and president Gramheart mentions that the Calvardian Republic is going to pioneer space colonization, with the two mentioning a space base being already in the works.

On Revolutionary Day in December, Gramheart unveiled the next generation of Calvard's military technology designed with the collaboration of the Marduk Company and the expertise of Yang Cronkite‏‎, replacing the existing generation designed by David Callaghan.


Zemuria Map (Official)

Calvard, shrouded in clouds, can be seen on the eastern side of the map.

Calvard is considered one of the two superpowers in Zemuria, the other being Erebonia. After the annexation of North Ambria in S.1205/6, Erebonia took the top position from Calvard as the continent's largest nation, however after the territory was ceded back, this may no longer be the case.

The border with Liberl on its southwest is guarded by the Liberlian Wolf Fort, guarded by the Royal Army of Liberl's Border Patrol. The Auge Canyon and Lake Jumeaux lie in this direction. To the west lies central border with Crossbell, marked by the Cyre River, Tangram Hills and the Ancient Battlefield. The Le Coursel Plain is nearby. Calvard's northwest borders the Nord Highlands and Remiferia across the Schedar Great hills. In between these three, Calvard borders Erebonia.

Calvard shares it northernmost coastline with Remiferia, where the Lamelyn Bay can be found.[3]

To the east lies the Aludra Highlands and beyond lies Tianshan/Solaris Range. Slightly further south, across from the Candina Tableland is the Ishgal/Kunlun Range. Longlai serves as a passageway in between the two mountain ranges. The Merceuil River flows from the Tianshan range to the north and the Levre River flows through the center of Calvard to the South.

To the southeast of Calvard lies the Cuerdo Plains and the Shirin Desert, containing the Hale Oasis and the border with the Principality of Elsaim. To the south is the coast, Morgia Archipelago and the Lavaur Gulf

Government & Politics[]


Calvard operates on a presidential system. Some of the known factions are mentioned to be linked to anti-immigration which is a recurring issue in Calvardian politics with ethnic conflicts erupting around the country. The two main parties are the Republican party, led by Samuel Rocksmith and the patriot party, led by Roy Gramheart. A third party, the Economic party also exists. Majority of governance takes place in the capital, Edith's Vantaille District.

International Relations[]

The Calvard Republic shares amicable relations with most of its neighboring countries except for Erebonia. It has a tepid relationship with this country which is due in part to sharing national borders with them. They also have regular land ownership disputes with Erebonia involving minor countries and states like Crossbell and the Nord Highlands.

After the annexation of North Ambria into Erebonia, Calvard has started to fear that Erebonia has simply grown too big and has begun viewing the Empire as a major threat. Relations have improved following the end of Operation Jormungandr but Calvard is still wary of their historical foe.

Calvard cooperate and have a friendly relationship with eastern Countries such as Valis and especially Elsaim, sharing technology and receiving regular visits from dignitaries. Elsaim is a major investor in Calvard. Calvard is also on friendly terms with Ored and a railway line is being constructed between the two countries.


Calvard is divided into provinces. The map of Calvard does not indicate clear borders between each, so provinces and locations in Calvard will be listed separately:

  • Arrondissement de Vichy (ヴィシー郡) in the north
  • Province de Auge (オージュ州) in the west
  • Province de LeMay (ルメイ州) in the south
  • Province de Saint-Trois (サントロワ州) in the northeast



Main article: Republic Army of Calvard

The Republican Army of Calvard consists of an intelligence agency called the CID and several armored divisions, designated as numbered area divisions. The special forces unit is called Hercules which is subdivided further into units. Calvardian armored units usually follow a trend of being named after constellations. Calvard makes use of combined air and armor divisions. A major military installation is the Baratier Airbase north of Edith.

The previous generation of military weapons was developed under professor David Callaghan, but the most modern iteration was developed through the cooperation of the Marduk Company and the work of Yang Cronkite following the Great War. The latest generation exceeds anything Erebonia has known to have created in terms of specifications.

Previous generation Calvard miliary technology included their airships which were developed at Oort factory. The next generation of airship saw use in Mille Mirage alongside the Baten Kaitos cruiser. Calvard were forced to give up the specifications for these airships as a condition for extraditing the captured members of Hercules. Calvard also made use of Wezen-series battle tank.

Newer generation military technology includes the Schedar-series tank, which had double the top speed of the Wezen-series and triple the range, the Ix Alba heavy flight carrier, the first middle sized airship (120 arge) of its type in the fleet, stated to be able to control multiple units independently and being capable of taking on a division of the imperial fleet by itself, and the Assault Frame, a humanoid combat machine with top performing reaction, speed, power and operability, making use of Xipha technology. These new units were unveiled at the revolutionary day ceremony.


Law enforcement is primarily undertaken by the National Calvard Police who operate across the country. The Bracer Guild is also free to operate.

A gray area exists in the law where the government is known to cooperate with organizations which do not always follow the letter of the law. A large number of criminal gangs and syndicates are known to operate within Calvard. This includes the Heiyue group which has its headquarters in the Eastern Quarter and are the largest criminal syndicate. Heiyue are tolerated due to maintaining a certain line, refusing to indulge in trafficking or the drug market, and coming down harsh on any underworld groups that break their line. Furthermore, a hidden district exists in the capital were the authorities turn a blind-eye to dealings that happen. The dark-Light district hosts many who avoid the law or are wanted for various reasons.

Mafia groups such as Almata were regarded as very dangerous for this reason, refusing to 'play by the rules' and upsetting the status quo. Almata were known for crushing otehr groups that opposed them until they rivalled Heiyue for the top position. Another group, the Doole Family, are regarded to be the third strongest group following Heiyue and Almata.

A unit of anti-immigration terrorists is also known to exist, although their operational status is unknown following Samuel Rocksmith's departure from office. They receive funding from sympathizers and rich conspirators who oppose the political climate.


Calvard's economy is rather stable, due to its dealings and trade with Liberl. Following the reparations paid to it by the Empire, it becomes the strongest economy in Zemuria.


Science & Technology[]

Technological developments in Calvard are headed up by the Verne Company. Through its connection to Verne, the country is known for its orbal firearms and cars. Professor L. Hamilton, one of the disciples of the famed C. Epstein, makes her home in Calvard, and had for a great deal of time sat on the advisory board of Verne, but no longer does so. Basel is the home of many of Calvard's developments and leading technology companies. the city is jointly run by Verne, the Basel Institute of Science‏‎ and the Craftsmen Guild.

The Basel Institute drives lots of scientific development in Calvard, with well known professors including David Callaghan, the developer of Calvard's previous generation of weaponry and much of the work with Reactor weapons, Esmeray Archette who works with biological engineering, Yang Cronkite who is the leader of the next generation of orbal weaponry and an expert in physics. Astronomy, engineering and orbal science are all other areas studied here.

Calvard works closely with companies such as the Marduk Company and Aludra have received investment from Elsaim. Companies such as Zekt Arms also operate within Calvard's borders.

Besides firearms and cars, Calvard independently developed the sixth generation of combat orbments, the Xipha, earning the disapproval of the Epstein Foundation to whom Verne broke a contract with to do so. Other technologies include drones, prosthetics, orbal cinema, reactor weapons and orbal energy extraction and stealth/cloaking technology.


Airships are rather rare in Calvard. However, in growing years the military have been acquiring them to compete with their rival nations. Calvard maintains trains and the Zemurian Railroad Corporation operates routes through each of the major cities in Calvard. Oración features an orbal tram system. Most of the trams in the city are green, but one is always red due to a lucky tradition. The capital features rickshaws.

Calvard has a large amount of infrastructure in place for orbal cars. There is an Autobahn linking the cities with the greatest populations. Although Verne developed the cocnept, there are four major companies that lease and produce the deisgns. ETWS, which focus on high-end luxury cars, Ingert which specilise in sporty and off-road vehicles, Leno which develop easy to use and family friendly vehicles and Red Star.

Important lines of Calvard's rail system include:

  • Transcontinental Railroad - (Altair - Marte - Edith - Longlai - ?)
  • The LeMay Main Line - (Edith - Dijon - Langport)
  • The Thatbad Branch Line - (Dijon - Tharbad)
  • The Auge Main Line - (Marte - Basel)
  • The Saint-Trois Main Line - (Edith - Anchorville, Oracion)
  • The Messeldam Branch Line - (Anchorville - Messeldam - ?)
  • The Ventus Main Line - (Anchorville - Ored)


Aramis Academy is a highly prestigious school operating in Edith. Prior to the revolution, it was known as the Basel Institute of Science‏‎of the Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl and the Thors Military Academy in Erebonia. In Basel, the Basel Institute of Science‏‎ focuses on scientific research, with professors in chemistry, physics, orbal engineering, physical engineering, bio-engineering, urban engineering and astronomy. The Septian Church conducts Sunday School across the country in the various chapels, churches and cathedrals.

Media & Communication[]

Publishers include the Tyrell News Service based in Edith, focused on general news. They publish The Tyrell Times. The Royal Guardian is another newspaper based in Oración. The Royal Guardian is one of Calvard's oldest publications, tracing their history back to the monarchy where it is said they had the ear of the ruling powers. Eaton is mentioned as being potentially another news outlet. Gossip magazines include Meld, which focuses on rumours and hearsay, and Buzz Radar which operate more like paparazzi to gain scoops on celebrities.

A radio station service is available in calvard. It reports on news, weather and traffic.


The population of Calvard consists of people from many different ethnic groups. A large diaspora of eastern migrants has contributed to a mix of cultures and unfortunately, difficulties and tension. The desertification of the east and ensuing immigration is said to be a contributing factor. Large populations of eastern populations are present in Langport and Longlai. A large population of Middle-eastern ethnicity resides in Tharbard. Villages such as Creil have significant numbers of both eastern and middle-eastern ethnic backgrounds.

Worship of Aidios through the Septian Church is the most prominent religious belief, however sects like the D∴G cult were known to accept an alternative system. Variations on the Septian Chruch's teachings exist tthrough small cults such as the Libra Domina, which although founded on a scam and pyramid scheme, focused on karma and conducted rituals such as the Ceremony of the Scales of Purity.

The large diaspora of eastern and middle-eastern ethnic backgrounds has also resulted in alternate interpretations of the Septian church and Aidios which co-exist alongside the Western Approach. they are all held to be the same goddess. Middle-Eastern branches follow Arusha, and put heavy emphasis on flames. To far easterners, she is the Heavenly Mother.


Calvard established a culture with a spirit of freedom, equality, and friendship, banning discrimination based on status or race following its revolution, but tensions remain high with some families that have ancestry related to the old aristocracy (particularly in Oración). Generally, there is a high level of cooperation and integration with the various cultures that have come to calvard.


Notable landmarks include Edith's Trion Tower, Grand Circuit and the Baratie Air Base north of the city.

Regions like the Eastern Quarter in Langport feature the architectural styles of its immigrated population such as heavy usage of lacquered tiles, whereas Tharbad features whitewashed stone structures to protect against the blazing heat and the elaborate Aljumeriah Hotel. Longlaid also features laqured tiles but opts for a more subtle and traditional approach with many wooden buildings. Oración is home to many older architectural sytles used before the revolution, and is home to the Oracion Opera House and Vashtar Palace Ruins.

Arts & Entertainment[]

Calvard is mingled with oriental cultures of East Zemuria. Popular forms of entertainment include the orbal cinema industry and its movie theatres loacted in various cities. Film festivals take place in Messeldam and Tharbad. Traditional forms of entertainment include opera singing and chanson, with stage acting still dominant in Oración.

Calvard has a history of art, with one of the most popular figures in the revolution, Aramis having been an artist who contributed much to art history. Painters can be found in the capital.

Gambling is a popular past time in cities such as Langport, and in the circles of the underworld, fighting rings provide entertainment.

Sports & Festivals[]

Calvard has many prominent martial arts styles, including the main three, Taito, Kunlun and Gekka. Taito has lost popularity in recent times compared to the other two. Other derived forms include the 'Essence of the 24 forms Style" which pulls the easiest to perform techniques from the main three. Basketball is played in the capital city Edith.

Calvard features motor sports and racing cars, which are bet upon. Racing takes place in the Grand Circuit District of Edith. Racer Maxim Lugan is currently the champion, driving a ETWS racecar.

Calvard celebrates The Revolution Day every December. It is customary to give others gifts on this day. Film Festivals takes place in Messeldam and Tharbard. Aramis Academy also has an annual Academic festival.

Noteworthy Characters[]




  1. Longlai and Eastern Quarter may refer to the same reason, as both are known for their hot springs[4][5] and built around Eastern-style culture, making it a unique place in Calvard.[5]


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