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Campanella (カンパネルラ), also known as The Fool (道化師(どうけし)), is associated with Ouroboros as Enforcer No. 0.


Serving as Enforcer No. 0 of Ouroboros, Campanella holds a special position among his fellow Enforcers - he reports directly to the Grandmaster about the progress of the plans enacted, and he doesn't appear share the same freedoms as them.

Campanella takes on the appearance of a young boy, but he hasn't aged in ten years. He is not a homoculus, nor an Immortal. His age and sex are not known, but he is referred to as male by the other characters.

Gospel Plan

Although Campanella first appeared on screen in Trails in the Sky SC, he had already made preparations for Georg Weissmann's Gospel Plan by the time Trails in the Sky FC started. Campanella had been put in charge of the Jaeger Corps' attacks on the Bracer Guilds in Erebonia with the intent of removing the Gospel Plan's primary hindrance, Cassius Bright, from Liberlian territory.

During the Gospel Plan, Campanella occasionally appeared before the protagonists and summoned Thirteen Factories-built weapons to fight for him.

At the end of Trails in the Sky SC, Campanella intervened with the battle between Weissmann and Kevin Graham immediately after the former was salinified. Reconfirming his role within the Gospel Plan "purely as an observer", he destroyed the remains of Weissmann and picked up his staff crafted through Divergent Laws, which held the Aureole. During Star Door 14: The Phantasmal Blaze Plan in Trails in the Sky The 3rd, Campanella reported back to the Grandmaster and returned the Aureole to her, stating that both Weissmann and Leonhardt lost their lives during the execution of the Gospel Plan.

Phantasmal Blaze Plan

In Ao no Kiseki, Campanella is seen preparing the Phantasmal Blaze Plan with Doctor F. Novartis and Arianrhod in Crossbell. During preparations, Campanella often hindered the Special Support Section by risking their lives in a game of "Pomtto!" or fighting them in order to defend the Moon Temple's bell. During the battle, Campanella summons a "Fake Salt Pale" as his S-Craft.

After finishing his work in Crossbell, Campanella headed towards Erebonia for the second phase of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. Although he has not yet appeared on screen, McBurn mentions him as he wonders whether everything is going according to plan.

In S.1206, Campanella himself appears in Erebonia on behalf of the Grandmaster. In order to take the Phantasmal Blaze Plan back, he throws the Empire into chaos with help from Enforcer XVII Shirley Orlando and the Thirteen Factories. He has also requested the help of a former colleague who stopped working for Ouroboros a while ago, presumably referring to Sharon Kreuger.


Campanella is a mysterious individual whose true self can't be seen. Due to the ambiguous nature of his gender, he is a hard individual to classify.

Although he appears to have an optimistic personality, Campanella is both cold and sadistic, taking enjoyment in taunting and threatening both enemies and allies alike - in particular, he enjoys messing with Gilbert Stein the most. He rarely gets upset.

Campanella is not completely irredeemable however, being able to garner genuine respect for his enemies and understanding their feelings. He also apologizes on the Grandmaster's behalf in the event of accidents or specific incidents, promising not to have the society's presence in said area.

Despite his powers as an Enforcer, Campanella is rather laid-back, letting others do the work for him in most cases, as he acts as an "observer" - simply seeing what will happen and letting his enemies escape upon being satisfied.


A Maiden's Resolve

In Trails in the Sky SC, Campanella is first seen exiting an airship in an unknown location near the end of the prologue. Campanella notes Georg Weissmann's excellent tastes in hideouts and greets Leonhardt when he appears. Leonhardt tells him that he is late, but Campanella though just shrugs it off and tells Leon that he missed him. Leonhardt though just responds with sarcasm and asks Campanella if he handled the attacks on the Bracer Guilds in Erebonia. Campanella states that he did and that Cassius Bright was magnificent as he countered everything that Campanella threw at him, so much so that he broke the jaeger group 'Jester'.

Leonhardt laments that even normal men have their limits and states that it couldn't be helped considering their opponent. Campanella asks him if he wanted to trust his luck against Cassius too and Leonhardt replies that he did. But, Cassius is no longer a threat to them now, he then tells Campanella that all of the required members have been assembled including Bleublanc. Campanella then asks about "Him (Joshua Bright)" and states that things are going to be fun from now on. Leonhardt replies that he has since long left the organisation and that he's unlikely to be a threat.

Suddenly, another voice rings out stating that he isn't sure about that. The voice belongs to Weissmann who approaches and greets Campanella. Weissmann thanks Campanella for delaying Cassius Bright and Campanella responds by mentioning how fun Weissmann's new plan is. Weissmann thanks her for the compliment and mentions how everyone else has their own plans as well. After talking a bit more, Weissman welcomes Campanella to enjoy herself by watching his plan unfold, and Campanella states that she is looking forward to it.

The Mad Tea Party

Campanella is later seen as the mysterious figure watching Scherazard Harvey or Agate Crosner fighting with Anelace Elfead against archaisms. After the battle is over, Campanella starts clapping and congratulates the pair for their performance. Turning around, Schera and Anelace turn to see him and he introduces himself as Enforcer No. 0: Campanella the Fool, a member of Ouroboros. Hearing the mention of Ouroboros, Schera and Anelace strengthen their guard and ask what he wants. Campanella declares that he is an observer for this little soiree and that he barely knows the details of the plan, so they should probably ask someone else.

He then tells the two that if they want to arrive in time for the tea party then they'd better hurry and then further explains that he doesn't know where its being held. He then jokes that the three of them should have coffee together and enjoy the dawn, but Anelace just questions if he is really a member of the society because he looks way young and mentions that Ouroboros are bad people. Campanella tells her not to worry and that's it okay to laugh at a fool and declares that Anelace is the rude one for worrying about a fool.

Suddenly, Campanella snaps his fingers and makes the three assailants stand up again. Shocked, Anelace wonder what is going on and Schera asks what he is doing. Gloating some more, Campanella clicks his fingers again and makes the men explode. He then summons a portal and makes his getaway expressing his hope that he will get an encore. Schera stands up and screams at him to wait, but he disappears before she can hit him.

Aftermath of the Mist Demon Incident

Campanella is seen again during the aftermath of the Mist Demon Incidents in Rolent, arriving to pick up Luciola at Emelas Tower in an airship.

As Luciola arrives on the at the top of Esmelas Tower, she sees an airship passing by. The airship then flies near the roof and Luciola greets Walter and Campanella who come out to see her. Luciola announces her surprise because she thought Loewe would be the one picking her up and Campanella informs her that Loewe is accompanying the professor for the moment and that she decided to pick Luciola up while Walter was just plain bored. Luciola mentions that its unusual for the two of them to do so, but finds Loewe being with the professor to be interesting and asks if they are performing the last experiment. Walter states that it seems so and Campanella informs her that they are almost ready on the Jaegar and Archaism front, so all they need is the Beta.

Luciola then boards the airship and they set off for HQ. Inside the ship, Luciola mentions how Loewe and the Professor are going to be facing the legend and wonders how they will fare. Walter states that they'll probably struggle with it since they are facing a legendary beast. He then turns to Campanella and asks why he isn't with the Professor and eggs him about finding something more interesting. Campanella sarcastically asks if Walter doesn't trust him and Walter replies that he doesn't. Luciola responds with her own sarcasm and Campanella feigns being hurt before telling the two of them that he has work to do with getting permission to use the ark.

Hearing this, Walter gets excited while Luciola expresses shock since she knows how powerful the Glorious is. Campanella replies that it will be up to Loewe and the Professor and informs the two that he will heading off to his next mission after they are done.

Liber Ark

Campanella soon arrived at the Liber Ark alongside Weissmann and his fellow Enforcers, though he was not given any role. He first appeared with his fellow Enforcers to greet Estelle when she was captured. When the Gloriou' was sabotaged by Joshua and he attempted to escape with Estelle, Campanella intercepted the two and deployed a Pale Apache archaism. They were barely able to destroy it, and Campanella was entertained enough that he allowed them to escape.

He was aware of the presence of the Arseille and its crew, simply watching them run around and commenting on the speed they were going through. He decided to mess around with Gilbert to kill some time.

Estelle and her friends soon defeated Weissmann despite his harnessing of the Aureole. The Aureole disappeared soon after, prompting Weissmann to flee as he staggered throughout the collapsing Axis Pillar, wondering if the Grandmaster had tested him. Father Kevin intercepted Weissmann and killed him with a stake crafted from the Salt Pale. With the job done, Kevin commented on how lucky Joshua would be, as he could escape his dark past. Campanella then called out if Kevin was actually jealous before teleporting in. After the two exchanged introductions, Campanella shattered the salinified statue of Weissman and took his staff before teleporting back to the Glorious.

Higher-ups Meeting

Returning to the Glorious, Campanella knew that he had to report the results of the Gospel Plan to the Grandmaster and the Anguis. Upon arriving to the sanctuary, he encountered two guards who did not let him pass as Weissmann had stated so. Campanella indirectly revealed Weissmann's death to the guards and threatened the same onto them if they didn't leave.

Inside the sanctuary, Campanella contacted his superiors, all of whom were waiting for him. He informed them of Weissmann and Loewe's deaths, before offering the Aureole to the Grandmaster, who proclaimed the beginning of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. Returning to the sanctuary, Campanella expected the Phantasmal Blaze Plan to dwarf the Gospel Plan in both quality and scale, eagerly awaiting the results. He then turned around and asked the "mysterious stranger" to stop peeking on him.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

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Campanella is first seen in Crossbell City alongside Lechter, observing New Class VII running around the city. He later departed to the marshlands with Lechter and Sharon, where he has his first meeting with them. Juna immediately calls him out as he appears to simply cause chaos for no reason. Campanella is shocked by the accusation, appearing to show some sympathy, but states that he does not share the freedom of the other Enforcers and prepared to fight, wondering if she could back up her words with actions. Following a small scuffle, he comments on how New Class VII had gotten stronger and wonders what is causing them to run all over the place.

He later participated on the attack on the Pantagruel.

In the Eryn Village sidequest, Campanella was doing some errands but had been aware of F. Novartis ordering Gilbert to test out some Field Negation Devices on the village. Novartis had ordered Gilbert to observe the results, but Gilbert decided to seize the village. His forces were routed by Rean's group, just as Roselia, Vita and Emma arrived after Gilbert was defeated. Before the witches could deal with Gilbert, Campanella teleported in, clearly irritated by Gilbert's incompetence, comparing it to the Jenis Academy incident and began electrocuting him. He only stopped after Gilbert begged that he wouldn't disobey orders anymore. Seeing the three witches, Campanella apologized to them for Gilbert's actions and promised that the society would leave Eryn Village alone, teleporting the device, Gilbert and his ruined G-Apache away.

At the start of the World War, Campanella was accompanying Mariabell at Tuatha De Danann. Anticipating the arrival of Class VII, the two created a welcome sign outside, where he predicted a 60-40 chance that Rean would defeat Cedric. He and Mariabell were not particularly interested in fighting them, but upon being defeated, commented that McBurn could get the fight he had been looking for. He also explained to Class VII that the society did not care about the result of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, as they were simply observing what man would do with the Sept-Terrion before teleporting away.

Following the conclusion of the World War, Campanella was seen talking with the First Anguis and Mariabell about the results of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

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Hajimari no Kiseki


Akatsuki no Kiseki

Weapon Description
Magic Ring
Magic Ring II
Ring of Amberl
Ring of Sapphirl
Ring of Carnelia
Ring of Esmelas
Ring of Nohval
Ring of Goldia
Ring of Argem
Septian Ring
Rune Ring
Moon Ring
Sun Ring
Sun and Moon Ring
Ailanthus's Ring
Mystic Ring α
Mystic Ring β
Mystic Ring Ω
Ring of The Fool
Ring of Ouroboros


Akatsuki no Kiseki

Name Description
Craft (Akatsuki Skill).png Change Phase
Craft (Akatsuki Skill).png True Mirror
Craft (Akatsuki Skill).png Palmtation
S Craft (Akatsuki Skill).png Fake Salt Pale


Trails in the Sky SC

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV



  • Campanella is the first and only character to date who has broken the fourth wall. At the end of Star Door 14: The Phantasmal Blaze Plan in Trails in the Sky The 3rd. At the end of this episode, he turns around and remarks that he is hardly one to talk and kindly requests the player to stop "peeking".
  • Campanella is one of nine characters to appear in at least one game in each arc. The others are Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright, Kloe Rinz, Lechter Arundel, Renne, Olivert Reise Arnor, Mueller Vander and Giliath Osborne.
  • His Tarot (0- The Fool) matches not only his title, but can be said to represent his very antics and actions as he 'plays around' and pulls tricks on those he comes across.


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