Bring to me the only girl in a band who takes to the skies. Only then shall the door open...

Capua Express Delivery Service (ヤマネコカプアの特急便) is the first Sun Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Sun Door 1 can be found in the Jade Corridor in the First Plane. Josette Capua is a required party member for this door.


The Capua Family, now a delivery service instead of sky bandits, are on schedule to make a delivery near the border of Liberl. Queen Alicia had pardoned all their misdeeds and paid off their debts, something the Capuas are deeply indebted to her for and are eager to pay her back. Business is booming due to their unparalleled flexibility and they receive order from all over. Don tells Josette of a letter from Joshua, but it turns out to be a receipt that they must have mistakenly swapped with the real letter, leaving the customer with the wrong document. They get in a heated argument and bring up past mistakes, reminiscing over their previous history as Erebonian nobility but that all chnages when they detect a hostile aircraft.

It's Gilbert Stein in a patrolling Ouroboros scout ship. His mission was to test some archaisms' operation, but he decides to use them in live combat against the delivery service, against the judgement of his subordinates, but he persuades them in the end. Josette prepares to fight them off with the machine gun on the Bobcat. She fends off waves of attacker suntil Gilbert comes at them with his own G-Apache, which is also shot down. His subordinates decide to leave him, citing Campanella and his interest in Gilbert and how he would find it more entertaining. This is how Gilbert is present in Grancel for the events of Trails in the Sky the 3rd

The Capuas celebrate their victory and Josette attributes it to Don's leadership. Rosco finds the letter from Joshua in the hold, and gives it to Josette. To make up for lost time, they activate 90% thrust on the engines and speed off into the air.


The cursor must be aimed over enemies and fired to shoot them down in a first-person viewpoint. Projectiles must be shot down before they can do too much damage to the Bobcat, which has it's health displayed on the firing reticule.


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