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Lieutenant General Cassius Bright (カシウス・ブライト), also known as the Divine Blade (剣聖), is commander of the Royal Army of Liberl and former S-rank bracer.


Around Estelle and Joshua, Cassius acts like your average silly, doting father. He cares deeply for his family and will do anything to protect them.

However, when it comes to his work, Cassius becomes a very serious, hard-working person. Cassius is shown to possess a keen mind, and was able to successfully outwit both Ouroboros and Giliath Osborne and their plans for invading Liberl.

Early years

During the Hundred Days War, Cassius Bright was a colonel in the Royal Army. He was the one who alongside General Morgan and Alan Richard planned an operation that stopped Erebonia's invasion of Liberl, losing his wife, Lena Bright in the process. Blaming himself for not being there when Lena was killed, Cassius left the army in S.1193 and began pursuing a life as a bracer in order to protect his young daughter, Estelle.

Due to his work as a bracer, Cassius has traveled around most of the continent. His skills as bracer made him very reputable, leaving an impact on everyone he met.

In S.1197, Cassius became a target for extermination by Ouroboros. Georg Weissmann sent Joshua Bright (then called Joshua Astray) to assassinate him. Cassius caught sight of Joshua and was barely able to hold him off, commenting on how an 11-year old boy nearly killed him. However, Joshua believed otherwise, finding himself outmatched by Cassius; even his fellow Enforcer and friend Leonhardt angrily asked Weissmann why he sent Joshua on a "suicide mission".

During the fight with Joshua, Cassius knocked off his mask, revealing his identity. This prompted the society to send additional operatives to silence him, as his identity would compromise the secrecy of the society. Cassius, taking pity on Joshua, fended off the would-be assassins and brought him back to his home, introducing him to Estelle. Sometime after this, he officially adopted him as his own son and raised both him and Estelle for the next eight years.

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In S.1198, Cassius who was an A-rank bracer at the time became aware of a series of mysterious kidnappings of 5-year children from across the continent by a mysterious cult. Due to his reputation, Cassius was made the commander of what later became known as the D∴G Cult Extermination operation - with Zin Vathek acting as his second-in-command. Together, they took down the cult and rescued some of the children held captive by them. As a result of his efforts in erasing the cult, Cassius was promoted to the rank of an S-rank Bracer.
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After the events with the Gospel at the Queen's Birthday Celebration in S.1202, Cassius rejoined the army, but was forced to resign as a bracer, as law stated that bracers could not occupy military positions. He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. He was later made the head of the army after General Morgan retired. Before his appearance in Trails of Cold Steel IV, he was promoted to Lieutenant General.

Trails in the Sky FC

In Prologue: "A Father's Love, A New Beginning", Cassius is first introduced bringing a young, injured Joshua back to his house much to his daughter, Estelle's shock. Cassius then laughs as a young Estelle hits and lectures Joshua for his rude attitude after he wakes up.

The scene then skips to about 10 years later, where Cassius is seen in his study working on something when Estelle comes in and tells him that breakfast is ready. After breakfast, Cassius sees his children who are going for their Bracer Exams off and heads back to his study to work. Before they leave though, Cassius asks Estelle to bring him the latest issue of the Liberl News.

Later on, Cassius is informed by the Bracer Guild that two children were missing and that they had run off in the direction of Esmelas Tower and that Estelle and Joshua were pursuing them. He rushes after them and arrives just in time to rescue all of 4 of them from monsters. He then escorts the group back to Rolent and home.

When Cassius, Estelle and Joshua get home, Estelle delivers Cassius not only his newspaper but a mysterious letter addressed to him. Opening it, Cassius becomes shocked by its contents. At dinner, Cassius suddenly announces to Scherazard Harvey and his kids that he has to go away for some work that has come up. He then allows Estelle and Joshua to do some of the jobs that he was originally supposed to do. Later on at night, Cassius is drinking out on the veranda when Joshua comes and talks to him. Joshua then reminds Cassius of a mysterious promise that he had made to him.

In Chapter 1: "Disappearance of the Linde", the next morning, Cassius says goodbye to his family and boards an airship heading to Bose. He is then mostly absent from the game after this except for the final chapter.

A couple of days later, Estelle and Joshua receive word that an airship had gone missing and that Cassius was on it, and this is what sets off their adventure. Though it is later revealed through a Linde crew member and a letter left to his kids that Cassius did not board the missing airship and that he had gotten off the missing airship prior to departure.

His whereabouts after that is unknown, but his presence lingers through all of Estelle's and Joshua's encounters with people who knew him.

Chapter 2: "Madrigal of the White Magnolia" reveals that Cassius had written a letter to Agate Crosner asking for help in tracking down the mysterious Men in Black.

During Final Chapter: "Turmoil in the Royal City", it is revealed through Zin Vathek that Cassius had gone to Erebonia to settle an incident involving Bracer Guilds being attacked by jaegers, and that he had written a letter to him asking for help if he should ever meet his kids.

Cassius officially appears again just after the battle with Reverie right as Alan Richard is about to be crushed by the Ring Guardian, chiding his student when he saves him. In the process, he cuts off Reverie's right arm. Seeing Reverie reviving, Cassius orders Estelle and the rest to finish it off. After Reverie is finally destroyed, Cassius thanks everyone for their help and greets his kids with an "I'm home." Cassius gives them a passing, unaware of his daughter's, Estelle's growing anger. Estelle then yells at him and after some banter, Cassius starts addressing the other members in their party.

Depending on who is in Estelle's and Joshua's party, the conversation will go like this:

  • Agate - Agate angrily addresses Cassius. After teasing Agate a bit, Cassius compliments him on his performance. Agate though gets embarrassed and upset and tells Cassius not to treat him like a kid. Cassius tells him that he is joking and thanks him for helping out his kids.
  • Klaudia - After talking about how good it is that Klaudia is alright, Klaudia tells Cassius about Estelle and Joshua being in their school play.
  • Olivier - Olivier first introduces himself to Cassius as the wandering bard and Cassius expresses an interest in talking to him later (probably aware of his true identity). Cassius also thanks him for helping his children and Olivier compliments his skills.
  • Scherazard - Schera tells Cassius that she has been through some tough work and that she thinks Estelle and Joshua are ready to be Senior Bracers.
  • Tita - Tita nervously greets Cassius and states that it's been a long. Cassius states that it's only been a year, but Tita has grown a lot. He then asks if Tita has been getting along with Estelle and Joshua and Tita replies that the two of them said that she could be their little sister. Cassius welcomes her to the family and asks Tita to take of his "ever-so-flighty daughter."
  • Zin - Zin expresses a belated "Welcome Back" to Cassius and expresses his anxiousness. Cassius apologizes to Zin for keeping him waiting and for bringing him into this mess as he wanted to make sure that Liberl was ready to deal with this mess. Zin states that its okay because it now made them equal and he got to meet his kids as well. He also had fun. Hearing this, Cassius expresses his bereavement.

After Estelle yells some more and criticizes her father for always making a dramatic appearance, Professor Russell and the rest of Estelle's comrades come in and Cassius greets them too. Professor Russell then explains that after Cassius went on ahead, the group was attacked by monsters, but they waere able to fend them off. When Estelle and Joshua get concerned about the situation on the surface, Cassius explains that General Morgan has probably already settled it.

Alan then interrupts the conversation having regained conscious, and states how they had Morgan under surveillance and Cid under control too, but Cassius was able to free them. Cassius agrees that he freed them, but ultimately the situation would've been resolved without him. Alan disagrees on the basis that Cassius was a hero, and that when he left the military Alan felt hopeless that they could prevent another war. He then angrily suggests that if Cassius hadn't of left, things wouldn't have come to this.

Hearing this, Cassius punches Alan in the face and yells at him to stop acting like a child.Cassius then yells at Alan for how he could rid himself of his own delusions and asks him why could he never stand on his own two feet. Cassius the states that he felt that it was alright to retire and that he could leave the army in his hands. Cassius then proclaims that he is not an "icon to be hailed," and that he is a man who has been running away from reality and from protecting what's truly important to him.

Cassius then states that he is done running, and that he expects the same thing from Alan. Cassius then tells him that he wants him to think about how he can atone for this, as he'll have plenty of time to do it.

A week later at the Queen's Birthday, Cassius is seen escorting the Queen and Princess Klaudia in a full military uniform as the Queen gives her speech.

At the Bracer Guild, Cassius is present when Estelle and Joshua are officially made full Senior Bracers. Cassius personally performs the ceremony and gives Estelle and Joshua their Senior Bracer Emblems. After everyone congratulates Estelle and Joshua, Elnan announces that Cassius is leaving the Bracer Guild to rejoin the Royal Army in light of everything that's happened. Cassius then states his intention of reorganizing the army from the ground up and that he had already talked about this with the other higher ranked members.

Cassius then jokes that they don't have to feel sad, as they got two new Senior Bracers to work like dogs now which agitates Estelle. Cassius is then seen walking with Estelle and Joshua, as he is leaving soon for a war council meeting. He informs Estelle and Joshua that with Richard arrested and Kanone Amalthea still in hiding in the ruins, he has a lot to do. He also states that they still have to figure out the mysteries behind the Aureole and the identity of the person who was manipulating Alan Richard, Mayor Dalmore and the rest of the people who were used.

Cassius then informs Estelle that they now know where the Black Orbment (Gospel) came from, and that it came from 2nd Lieutenant Lorence Belgar who gave to Alan right before he started his Coup. Cassius then stresses the importance of finding out more about him and teases Estelle on her drawing skill when she offers to draw him a picture of Lorence's real face.

After seeing Joshua's shock about this, Estelle then informs Cassius and Joshua of what happened on the roof of the palace. Cassius urges Joshua to say what is on his mind, when he notices that Joshua recognizes the man. Cassius then suggests that Joshua and Estelle go have fun at the festival. He also reminds the pair that they are staying at the palace tonight. He then leaves to attend his meeting.

Trails in the Sky SC

Cassius Bright has another largely absent role in this game due to his military activities. He is first seen looking out at the city from the Garden Terrace at Grancel Castle when Estelle comes running up to him. In a panic, Estelle tells Cassius that Joshua has disappeared to which Cassius replies that he knows. When Estelle asks how he knows, Cassius explains that it is because Joshua had left a message for him right before he left, after placing Estelle in a bed. Hearing this, Estelle starts insisting that they find him, but Cassius tells her to stop as they would have little hope of finding him, even if they tried.

Cassius explains that Joshua's abilities are superhuman and that he was nearly killed by him 5 years ago. Estelle asks her father about Joshua's past and more specifically what he is. Cassius tells Estelle that the answer lies with Ouroboros, a mysterious organisation which few know about.

Cassius explains that Ouroboros is a mysterious organization that "seeks to manipulate the world from the shadows, led by a leader known as the 'Grandmaster,' and that Joshua was once a Assassin in their employ. He further explains that he had brought Joshua home because he thought that it was the only way to free him from the Organization. Cassius admits that even the Bracer Guild knows little of them and that only the Top Bracers are the ones who know about their existence.

Cassius continues that because their organization would be met with skepticism if their existence were to be made public, the Bracer Guild doesn't acknowledges them publicly. But, he knows for certain that they do exist and that they have had plans in motion for years and the Coup d'eat was just one of their machinations. Estelle begins to ask about Captain Lorence, however Cassius interjects and confirms her suspicions that he was a senior member of the society and that he probably wasn't working alone.Additionally hinting that Joshua may've been helping him.

Estelle becomes offended by that remark, but Cassius states that Joshua had pretty much said as much in his letter. Cassius then tells her that Joshua had wrote that he had been passing on secrets to Ouroboros for the last 5 years now, under someone's mental control and that he was completely unaware that he had done so. Estelle then becomes upset, but Cassius assures her that the society that Ouroboros are fully capable of doing that and that they are cunning and cruel. Cassius then warns Estelle to stay way from them, as they are far too dangerous.

Unsure of herself, Estelle asks her father if he is saying that they should abandon Joshua, and then demands that he answer her question when he doesn't answer. Cassius tells Estelle that he knew that a day like this might come ever since he first brought Joshua home, and that Joshua had promised him that if he ever became a burden or a threat to them, or if the society ever contacted him or pursued him, then he would leave and disappear from their lives "Like a shadow dispelled by the sun."

As Estelle looks on confused, Cassius explains that he understands because Joshua was just as much family to him as he was to Estelle. Cassius continues explaining that some men have a line which they must never cross with regards to their ideals and that Estelle should see things from Joshua's perspective. However, Estelle just gets angry and upset with him. Cassius tries to apologize, but Estelle yells that she hates him and runs away crying back to Rolent.

Cassius then sees Scherazard coming up having followed Estelle. Cassius apologizes for having her see that display and states that he has feeling that Scherazard is holding back a lecture. Scherazard sadly responds by talking about how Cassius had saved her from her own dark situation, and that she understands what Joshua and him must be thinking. Schera then pauses.....Schera asks Cassius if she may say something from a woman's perspective and Cassius says "Of course." Cassius then gets yelled at by Schera who claims that both Cassius and Joshua are the "two most wretchedly miserable son of dogs that she has ever had the displeasure of knowing." The scene then turns to black.

After a severe lecture from Schera, Cassius goes looking for Estelle, but finds that she has run away and gets worried. He then gets a phone call from the priest Kevin Graham who tells him that Estelle has gone back to Rolent, so Cassius gets on a airship and follows Estelle back to their home.

After Estelle accepts that Joshua is gone, Cassius enters the room with Scherazard, much to Estelle's surprise. Kevin explains that when they touched down, he had rung the Grancel Bracer Branch and informed them what happened. Schera chides Estelle for making them worry and informs her that they were at Branch looking around for her when the phone call came in and how they barely managed to get a freightliner to Rolent. Estelle apologizes to the two of them and Cassius states that he is glad that Estelle is safe.

Cassius then thanks Kevin who tells him not to worry about it. Estelle tries to apologize to her father, but Cassius apologizes instead saying that it is his fault for forcing his own ego on her. Cassius then tells Estelle that Schera made that point clear on the ride over. Estelle becomes touched by Schera who gives her full support. Cassius then tells Estelle that he thought that he was ready for the day when Joshua would leave them, but he was far more crushed than he let on, so he decided to prevent Estelle from chasing Joshua down a thorny road; from potentially dying.

Cassius then gives Estelle his full support in chasing Joshua, but laments that he won't be able to help her this time, because he'll be too busy re-building the army's organization. Cassius then asks Estelle, if she is sure about this. Estelle says that she is and then declares that she'll definitely bring Joshua back. Estelle then hugs her father as he announces his support and starts crying.

Prologue: "A Maiden's Resolve"

Cassius is mentioned again in flashback where Estelle tells Anelace about what happened before she left for Le Locle. In this flashback, Cassius is shown sitting at the dinner table with Schera and Estelle. Cassius is telling her that he will support her, of course, but with the way that she is right now; she wouldn't stand a chance against the Society's members. Much to Estelle's curiosity, Cassius suggests that she go to Le Locle. Cassius further explains that it is a training ground owned by the International Bracer Guild in the state of Leman, and has a wide variety of difficult training facilities as well as skills of all kinds.

Hearing this, Estelle expresses concern about leaving Liberl, but Schera assures her that it is only a one day journey by airship and the training only goes for a month. Schera then says that if they truly need Estelle,they can send for her. Estelle is still concerned, but Cassius states that the decision is hers and that she can take all the time that she needs. Estelle though immediately decides to go, much to Schera's surprise. Cassius praises Estelle for her resolve and Estelle replies that she has been depending too much on Joshua. Her father then says that they'll file the necessary applications tomorrow. Delighted, Schera decides to take Estelle shopping for her new outfit in Grancel after they file the application papers.

Chapter 1: "Sneaking Shadows"

Cassius is mentioned again when Estelle returns from Le Locle and is at the Grancel Bracer Guild. There, Estelle confirms to Anelace that Cassius is still going to be working for the Military for a while and that he is currently stationed at Leiston Fortress. Elnan then states that since then Cassius has been promoted to Brigadier General and is now the head of the army. He then furthers explains that General Morgan has basically retired which causes Estelle to express grim feelings of doom for the army. Anelace also expresses her disappointment at losing another one of the Bracer's power players.

Cassius Bright is mentioned again by Cid when he informs Estelle about the request that he put to the Guild. Cid explains that Cassius was originally supposed to organize the training exercise, but he had to leave so he was left in command. Estelle admits her surprise that her father is really working at Leiston Fortress. Cid further explains that Cassius should be back soon and that Estelle will likely meet up with him at one point.

Cassius Bright officially appears again during the set up of the earthquake measuring devices. In this scene, Estelle and co. see Cassius Bright approaching them while setting up a device at Leiston Fortress. Cassius greets the gang and congratulates Estelle in completing her training. Estelle asks what her dad is doing here and Cassius responds that he works at Leiston Fortress now. Agate or Schera asks if he has really been made the Head of the Army and Cassius lamentably responds that he was at General Morgan's insistence and explains how he lost a battle of wills against him.

Cassius then notes that he hadn't a day's rest for ages now, Agate teases Cassius and Estelle admits that at first seeing her dad in uniform was a bit weird, but now she's used to it and admits that he looks good in it. Hearing this, Cassius smiles and gloats about how he was once the "Great Dandy" of the army and brags that he was more of a lady killer than Alan Richard. Estelle sighs and laments that her mother wouldn't have approved of that brag just now. Estelle then exclaims that she is happy to see that her father is doing well, though Cassius admits that he is barely surviving..

After the greetings are done, Cassius gets down to business and tells Estelle that he has received the reports regarding the Ghost Incident in Ruan. Estelle and Agate reply that they faced one of Ouroboros' foot soldiers and that he was a tough opponent. Agate then asks Cassius if he's got any ace in the holes and Cassius replies none and that he wished that he still had the Intelligence Division around. With some happier news, Cassius reports that he has already re-sorted the Border Garrison and the Regular Army and got them cohesive, but admits that the army still needs the Guild's help for the time being.

Cassius then states that he hopes that the Guild can help with the earthquake incidents too; and upon hearing that Estelle and co. state that they figured that was the case. Cassius replies that Estelle is becoming more of a true bracer each day and that he is sure that Joshua would be impressed too. Estelle giggles and nervously says that she guess so too.

Suddenly, Maximillian Cid appears and calls Cassius. Estelle and the gang greet him and Cassius shows surprise that they had already met. Cid tells Cassius about the special training session and how Estelle and co. had beat him, but it was a success. Cassius becomes proud of Cid for taking the initiative and proclaims that he is expecting greater things from him from now on. He then jokes about not being able to retire, but Cid doesn't realize it and tells him that its too early for him to retire.

Cid then tells him to wait until General Morgan retires and Cassius lamentingly states that won't be until he keels over at his desk. Cassius then gets back to Cid about what he wanted and Cid tells Cassius that General Morgan will be arriving earlier than expected and that he'll be in Zeiss within the hour. Cassius starts complaining about how General Morgan has no patience and then tells Estelle that he has to leave now. Before he leaves, he asks Agate to continue watching over Estelle for him. Agate states that he will and Cassius wishes everyone else luck too. Tita then informs Cassius that her grandfather wants to see him too about an "unexpected hint" that he had found in the Capel unit and Cassius replies that he'll make some time for her grandfather. He then exchanges goodbyes with everyone and leaves for his meeting. After Cassius and Cid leave, Estelle talks about how busy her father is and the group decide to head to the next device set-up point.

After the devices are set up and the group arrives in ZCF's operation room, Cassius is next seen when a earthquake hits Leiston Fortress again. Inside Leiston, Cassius is meeting with Cid and General Morgan. Hearing the shaking, Cassius notes that his predictions were right and General Morgan asks how did he know. Cassius replies that he just predicted the enemies desires through logical assumptions and informs Morgan that he deduced that the other three earthquakes were test targets and that the Fortress was a logical hot spot for its first official run. He is then reported to be fine after the earthquake.

Chapter 3: "The Mad Tea Party"

At Leiston Fortress, the Leibnitz is seen arriving at their airship port and Gustav and his crew gets out. Going over to the Arseille, Gustav starts fawning over the airship and Faye shares his excitement at it. A man's voice rings out and Gustav turns around to see that its Cid. Gustav greets him and states that he thought that he was leaving soon and Cid admits that he is going on patrol later, however since he's currently free, he thought that he should meet them.

Gustav laughs and wishes him luck on the patrol and asks about the earthquake and if the Arseille was damaged during it. Cid tells him that the Arseille was in the air during the earthquake - so its fine and that since they were prepared, the Fortress itself was only damaged a little so the facilities are still okay. Gustav claims that that is good to hear and wonders where all of the Royal Guards are.

Cid tells them they are about to perform a show for them and leads them into watching a match between Cassius Bright and Julia Schwarz. During the match, Cassius is trouncing Julia and warns her that her attacks are too predictable and Julia responds by coming at him again, though with more unpredictability this time. Cassius responds in kind and the match ends with Cassius being the victor. Breathing a bit, Cassius praises Julia for her skill and the improvements that she had made since he had taught how to fight. Julia laments her incompetence and General Morgan tells her that it was a magnificent display and reminds her of who she was fighting because he has yet to meet anyone who can defeat Cassius.

General Morgan praises her for enduring for so long and Julia thanks him.She then asks if she can continue their battle until they can no longer fight and Cassius states that while he would like to, he senses that they have a visitor. The trio then notice Cid and Gustav and as they come up to them, Gustav praises their fight while Cid compliments them and Julia too for the skill that she displayed during the fight.

Gustav then introduces himself and Julia returns the introduction. General Morgan then ends the exercise and releases the men while Gustav asks to be lead to the Arseille's engine room. Julia offers to guide him and thanks Cassius for the match and Cassius returns the gratitude in kind. After Julia and Gustav leave, Cid compliments Julia and Cassius notes that while she is impressive, she still has room to grow and General Morgan agrees with him. General Morgan then offers to battle Cassius later on, but Cassius politely declines because of Morgan's age and tells him to let the young ones take the spotlight for a change.

Morgan grumbles and voices that he should do his job instead of complaining all the time. Getting back to business, he asks Cid if he is being put on guard patrol and Cid confirms it and further explains that he'll be leaving at noon with three companies and two patrol ships. Morgan laments that he'll be at the signing ceremony by then and tells that he'll be in charge of the defense of Grancel until then. Cid tells Morgan to leave it to him and that he promises to work well with the Bracer Guild. General Morgan admits that he doesn't like leaning on civilians for help, but they don't have a choice for now and Cassius jokingly asks if he is warming up to them.

Finale: "Trails in the Sky"

Cassius was unable to accompany Estelle and the others to infiltrate the Liber Ark, as he had "played a card" that meant that he had to remain in Liberl after he used it.

Before Estelle and the others board the Arseille to infiltrate the Liber Ark, Cassius gave Joshua a letter, telling him to read it before their confrontation with Weissman. In the letter, Cassius appeared to be aware of the Stigma he had, and told him to find a command that would break it. After Joshua broke his Stigma to a surprised Weissman, the latter quickly realized that Cassius had played a role in removing it.

After the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon ended, Cassius was able to convince the dragon Ragnard to give him a ride, saving his two children before they fell to their deaths on the collapsing Liber Ark.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

A replica of Cassius was created by the Lord of Phantasma to serve as the final guardian of the Carnelia monument. He was eventually defeated by Kevin, Richard and two other members. He had been informed by Estelle during her journey with Joshua that she wanted to bring Renne into the family. Cassius thought that it was a good idea and gave his consent to adopt her.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Cassius accompanied Klaudia to the Pantagruel, where it was decided that he would serve as the commander of Mille Mirage. While on the Pantagruel, Cassius met with both his children and Rean Schwarzer. Both had trained under Yun Ka-fai's Eight Leaves One Blade style. After Ouroboros forces attacked the Pantagruel, Cassius commented on how there was a "third option" in all of the chaos.

Before the Great War began, Cassius went to Mishelam Wonderland to relax with his friends and children. He had also received a letter from Yun, where Yun believed that Rean was ready to begin his Ougi transmission style; Cassius would serve as his representative. Rean successfully mastered his 7th Form - Void style, so Cassius bestowed him with the title of Divine Blade.

The next day, Cassius was pitted against Vandyck, who led Operation Jormungandr. Fortunately, Operation Radiant Wings killed the mastermind behind the event, and the two agreed to a ceasefire two days after war broke out.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Lt. General Cassius Bright
Cassius Bright Note (Sen IV).png
Kingdom of Liberl
A ranking officer in Liberl's Royal Army, famous for his role in the Hundred Days War. Father of Estelle, Joshua, and Renne.
Fellow Disciples
Cassius is also a practitioner of the Eight Leaves One Blade school. He promised to one day share their master's letter with Rean.
True Successor
Cassius had to judge if Rean had mastered the school's techniques. It was an honor to witness the skills of Ka-fai's last pupil.

Cassius Bright Note (Sen IV).png



Akatsuki no Kiseki

Line Slot Initial Closed (Akatsuki Slot).pngOpen (Akatsuki Slot).png CostBonus Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).png CostBonus
Master Master (Akatsuki Slot).png
1 Water (Akatsuki Element).png Open (Akatsuki Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×20+ 0 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×100+ 37 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×30+ 7 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×200+ 50 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×50+ 10 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×300+ 75 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×75+ 15 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×500+ 100 EP
2   Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×20+ 0 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×100+ 37 EP
3   Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×20+ 0 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×100+ 37 EP
Combat Orbment (Akatsuki).png


Master (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Water L (Akatsuki Slot).png


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