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The Catacombs (地下墓所) is an area underneath Heimdallr, Erebonia.


The catacombs are remains of the original Heimdallr, which was founded in circa S.170.[Note 1]

In S.371, Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga invaded and occupied the city, spreading its miasma throughout the capital that turned Heimdallr into a city of the dead.[1] Zoro-Agruga desecrated the corpses of the fallen, taking control of their bodies and using them to attack those who remained alive, further increasing its legions of the dead.[1] When Emperor Hector I managed to retake the city a century later, Heimdallr had become a necropolis.[1] Emperor Hector I's successor decided to build a new Heimdallr over the ruins of the old one.[1]

It is rumoured that the spirits of people who got lost in there hundreds of years ago are still lurking about.[2]


Trails of Cold Steel

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  1. Specifies S.371, "[t]wo hundred years after Heimdallr was first founded".[1]


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