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Cealam (研究員シーラム) is a support character introduced in The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, assisting Professor Volans in the museum.



Cealam is an attractive young woman with blonde hair tied up in a bun and half-moon glasses. She wears a white overcoat with detached sleeves over a red minidress. A large leather belt and metal clasp hang from her waist. Cealam wears matching red high-heeled stilettos.


Cealam works as a receptionist for the museum on Remnant Island, assisting the director of the museum, Professor Volons. Her twin sister Colon also works at the museum.


  • Fitting with Nayuta's astrological theme naming, Cealam's name may be a reference the the constellation 'Caelum- the Chisel'.