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Celdic (ディック), also known as Celdic, the Market Town (交易町ケルディック), is a town in the southern part of the Erebonian Empire. It is located in the Kreuzen Province and falls under the jurisdiction of the House Albarea.


Celdic is a small farming community that boasts a large number of crop fields. Due to its location as the center of a bustling agricultural industry, the town is also home to the Grand Market: a large, outdoor shopping center that serves as the economic center of the region. It is also a popular tourist attraction.


Trails of Cold Steel

During Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies", Rean and his team personally attempted to diffuse the situation regarding two merchants, but was ultimately resolved when the Kreuzen Provincial Army intervened and forcefully ended the dispute.

Suspicious of the behavior of the Provincial Army, and of the strange nature of the merchant dispute, Class VII takes it upon themselves to investigate the matter. During investigation they discover that both of the merchants' stalls have been destroyed, and all goods in their stalls were taken. After following a set of leads, they learn about a group of strange men dressed as Park Rangers, who destroyed the stalls during the previous night, and hauled the goods away to a remote location outside of town. It is also revealed that the alleged purpose behind the incident was a strongarm tactic meant to bully the city merchants into accepting a tax increase proposed by the Albarea Dukedom. After further investigating Lunaria Nature Park, they spot the Fake Rangers. Class VII discovers that the Fake Park Rangers were, in fact, jaegers. They also find the stolen goods that the Jaegers were contracted to steal.

Class VII defeats both the Fake Rangers and Grunoja, Lunaria's guardian spirit. Unfortunately, are they caught by the Provincial Army, who tries to arrest them in an attempt to cover up their involvement. Thanks to the intervention of Claire Rieveldt and the RMP, the Provincial Army gives up on their attempt to arrest Class VII, allowing them to return to Celdic with the stolen goods.

After returning from Lunaria, the Field Study is concluded. Class VII departs back to Trista after thanking Claire, Otto, and the people of Celdic for their assistance.

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the onslaught of the civil war, Celdic was initially spared from the horrors of war, but the market went on the decline due to the restrictions made by the Noble Alliance. The people of Celdic also took in Machias Regnitz, Fie Claussell and Elliot Craig, who had gone into hiding after the events in Trista.

Rean, who was looking for his classmates, arrived with Toval Randonneur and arrived at the town, where he found his classmates and Rosine.

On 10 December S.1204, Class VII is entrusted with the Courageous by Prince Olivert Reise Arnor, and declares themselves a third faction in the war, independent from both the noble and imperial sides. One week later, they assist the 4th Armored Division in retaking the Twin Dragons Bridge from noble control, marking the turning point in the war.

The people of Celdic were more than happy to see the Noble Alliance gone, as they were not the saviors that they attempted to perceive themselves as to the populace. Hearing of this, Duke Albarea sent a group of his own soldiers and Northern Jaegers to make an example out of the town, gaining entry through a gap in the Imperial lines. The group razed most of the town to terrify the people, but they were unaware that they had killed Otto, the market manager. This led to a reprisal from the 4th Armored Division, RMP and Class VII, avenging Otto and bringing Helmut under custody for his crimes against the people.




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