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Celestin (セレスタン) is the all-round butler of the Hyarms family.


Celestin spent most of his time in Trista when the youngest son of Marquis Hyarms, Patrick, enrolled at Thors Military Academy. Proud with the growth of Patrick after his first year, he returned to the Hyarms manor in Saint-Arkh.

In April S.1206, Celestin took up a temporary role of janitor at Thors Branch Campus, where he continues to complete all tasks assigned to him perfectly, including technical duties such as optimizing orbal terminals at the campus. No matter where he goes, however, he always watches over Patrick.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Butler Celestin
Butler Celestin Note (Sen) Butler (Upper Class Dormitory)
A butler sent by the Hyarms family. Completes all of the tasks assigned to him perfectly and completely.
He was ordered to return by the Hyarms family, but is doing all he can to stay in Trista for Patrick's sake.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Butler Celestin
Butler Celestin Note (Sen) Butler (Upper Class Dormitory)
A butler who serves the Hyarms family. He has incredible combat prowess and has known Patrick for over ten years.
He is happier than anyone at how much Patrick has grown since enrolling at the academy.
Help at Home
He plans to return to the Hyarms family home in Sutherland for a while, believing Patrick will be fine alone.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Celestin Note (Sen III)
House Hyarms
A talented butler working for House Hyarms. Patrick considers him family, and he and Rean get along well.
Temporary Staff
Under Marquis Hyarms' direction, he was appointed to assist the branch campus in whatever capacity he is needed.
Is elated to finally see Patrick again after so long. He stays out of the picture, but continues watching his young master grow.

Celestin Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

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