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Central Intelligence Division (中央情報省), abbreviated as CID, is an intelligence agency working together with the president's office in and around Calvard.


The CID was established as a successor to the Rocksmith Agency in S.1205.[Note 1] Following President Roy Gramheart's inauguration, the CID was split in three departments and reorganised as a dictorial system where the president seizes and controls all information. The overarching Integrated Analysis Department, led by Kilika Rouran, was established to coordinate the three departments.



  1. 1.0 1.1 CID was estbalished "two years" after the Rocksmith Agency was founded, which was in S.1203,[1][Note 2] suggesting it was established in S.1205.
  2. Takes place after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon. Unknown when this happens exactly. Kilika Rouran leaves Zeiss after the Orbal Gear Project begins. It is not possible to say whether the Rocksmith Agency was established before or after Kilika was requested as office manager.


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