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Chain Craft (チェインクラフト) is an addition to the craft system introduced and only used in Trails in the Sky SC and the 3rd.


Chain Crafts allows two to four characters to chain together their attacks. Characters joining in later will do more damage but their attacks will also consume more CP. The Chain Craft's target must be within the range of the attackers. The radius of the Chain Craft will increase as more characters join the chain. Battle order bonuses further strengthen Chain Crafts. To maximise damage output with the final attacker, it is recommended to use Agate, Zin, or another similar high strength character last.[1]


Character CP Cost Power Targets
1st 20 100%
2nd 30 110% Circle around target (1 radius)
3rd 40 120% Circle around target (2 radius)
4th 50 130% Circle around target (3 radius)
  • Power is a multiplier applied to the character's STR.
  • After the craft is executed, delay is applied to all participants.
  • In addition, some characters have additional effects:
    • Julia will attack every target in range twice.
    • Mueller will attack the main target twice.



  • In the Evolution versions, Chain Crafts benefit from the Zero Craft bonus.