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The City of Ardent (公都(こうと)アーデント) is the capital city of Remiferia. Ardent is a historical city, situated in the north of the Principality bordering the North Sea.


Ardent can be divided in two areas: Old City (古都(こと)) and New Town (新市街(しんしがい)); its hyper-modern hospital and the enormous head offices of pharmaceutical companies are built right next to its traditional, ancient centre. Usages of orbal energy are spreading rapidly.

With the development of aircrafts, maritime transport is rapidly growing obsolete, making its former harbour a beachfront park popular with tourists for the statues of deers.


  • Bracer Guild - Ardent Branch
  • Seiland Company
  • Jerome Company
  • Ballet Theatre (公国バレエ劇場)
  • Remiferia Cathedral (アーデント大聖堂)
  • Beachfront Park (海浜公園)
  • Fisherman's Guild - Remiferia Branch (釣公師団レミフェリア支部)
  • Remiferia Police Headquarters (公都警察本部)
  • Ardent Press (アーデント・プレス)
  • Emeria General Hospital (エメリア総合病院)
  • Ford Clinic (フォード診療所)
  • Ardent Airport (アーデント空港)
  • "Black Emperor" Hideout (アジト《ブラックエンペラー》 )
  • Ardent Gate (アーデント大門)

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