Rolent (地方都市(ちほうとし)ロレント), also known as the Provincial City, is the regional capital of the Rolent region in Liberl.


Rolent is specialised in agriculture and septium mining. The Malga Mine to its north is rich in specific variety of septium known as esmelas.

Its most recognisable structure is its central clock tower, which was destroyed during the Hundred Days War by Erebonia in S.1192, but dutifully rebuilt by concerned Rolent citizens shortly thereafter.

Bracer family Cassius, Estelle and Joshua Bright live in a country house at the southwestern-most point of this city.


Rolent - Mayor's Residence

  • Mayor Klaus (mayor) and Mylene (wife)
  • Lita (maid)

Rolent Chapel

  • Father Divine
  • Sister May

Hotel Rolent

  • Verne (receptionist)

Rolent Bracer Guild

Rolent Landing Port

  • Alan
  • Skip and Fabree

Rolent Clocktower

  • Paddington

Elger Arm and Guards

  • Elger (owner) and Stella (wife)

Rinon General Goods

  • Rinon (owner) and Bloom (mother)

Abend Bar

  • Densel (owner), Tabhita (wife) and Elissa (daughter)
  • Faulkner (waiter)

Melders Orbal Factory

  • Melders (owner) and Freddy (son)


  • Lao/Radford (father), Euridice (daughter) and Freemont (husband)
  • Fate (father) and Yuni (daughter)
  • Maggy (grandmother), Private Aston (father) and Luke (son)
  • Frissa, Gaton (husband) and Anya (daughter)
  • Rhett, Serra (wife) and Pat (son)


  • Claire
  • Mirano
  • Radmira and Charles (son)
  • Simon
  • Orvid
  • Seagaro
  • Edel
  • Armand and Ellie (couple)
  • Ida and Aryll (cat)

Other locations

  • Rolent Sewers