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Zeiss (工房都市(こぼうとし)ツァイス), also known as the Industrial City, is the regional capital of the Zeiss region in Liberl. Zeiss is one of the cities known for industrialisation, its contributions to orbmental technology and development, and cooperation with the Epstein Foundation. Notable landmarks include its escalators, The Zeiss Central Factory and home of Albert Russell, one of the three disciples of C. Epstein.


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Zeiss is the heart of Liberl's orbment industry. Towering high above the city streets is the Zeiss Central Factory where everything from lighting fixtures to airships is mass-produced.

Its workers are known to be amongst the continent's top-level orbment craftsmen, which has sparked a lot of international interest. In addition, because the city depends so heavily on industry, the head of the Central Factory also serves the duties of mayor.


During the Hundred Days War, Zeiss is one of the regions in Liberl which was captured and occupied by Erebonian forces. Zeiss is the home of the "Father of Orbal Revolution", Professor Albert Russell, as well as his family: granddaughter, Tita Russell; daughter Erika Russell; and her husband Dan Russell- although these latter two are often away.