Claire Rieveldt (クレア・リーヴェルト), also known as the Icy Maiden (氷の乙女(アイスメイデン)), is a commissioned major in charge of the Railway Military Police and a member of the Ironbloods.



Claire Rieveldt Flashback 1 - Visual (Sen III)

Michael and Claire Rieveldt at the top, Michael's sister and Claire's brother Emil at the bottom.

Claire's father was the president of the Rieveldt Company, her uncle served as its vice-president. Everyone got along very well and Claire was very close to her cousin, Michael.

However, in S.1196, everything changed after a car crash took the lives of Claire's father, mother and little brother Emil with Claire being the only survivor. The culprit fled from the scene so the crime couldn't be solved, and during the aftermath of it, Claire was taken in by her uncle's family.

She was very happy and got along with the members of her new family, but a certain feeling dwelled within her: why had only she survived?


Claire Rieveldt Flashback 2 - Visual (Sen III)

Claire finding out about her uncle's scam.

When Claire was going through the documents left by her father, she noticed something strange. Her uncle, the vice-president of the company, was secretly making profit by selling cheaper instruments as "high-quality Rieveldt products". Her father had tried to make uncle stop the scam before he got in the car accident.

When Claire confronted her uncle about this, her uncle admits to the whole thing, but also claims that he has disposed all of the evidence and that he had influential nobles supporting his scheme.

Meeting Osborne

Claire Rieveldt Flashback 3 - Visual (Sen III)

Giliath Osborne reaching out to Claire.

That was when Claire met with Chancellor Giliath Osborne. He told Claire how he had known her father since his days in the Thors Military Academy. Claire was amazed how Osborne knew the whole truth behind the incident. He tells Claire how he was planning to judge the incident personally, but had just changed his mind.

Osborne also shares how he noticed her ability of "unified synesthesia" (統合的共感覚). Taking her family's car accident as an example, he explained she demonstrated the an innate ability to instantly grasp the whole through its parts. Osborne tells Claire that she should take revenge for her lost family by bringing her uncle into justice.

Serving justice

Claire made up her mind and decided to gather any possible evidence that could prove her uncle guilty. While Claire was collecting evidence, Marquis Hyarms heard about the incident and forced the nobles behind Claire's uncle to withdraw their support.

With all the proof she had gathered, Claire was able to prove her uncle guilty and he received capital punishment. As a result of this, she lost her place in the uncle's family. As the rightful heir, Claire had the company rights returned to her. She then decided to hand those rights over to a veteran employee of the company and decided to follow Chancellor Osborne's advice to enter Thors Military Academy.

During her time at Thors Military Academy, Claire was the top student there.

Erebonian Civil War

A former student of Thors Military Academy, Claire is capable of performing calculations incredibly quickly and has the strength to make good use of this ability. This combination earned her the position of Captain of the Railway Military Police.

During the Erebonian Civil War, she decides to team up with Class VII. Fighting alongside the Thors Military Academy students gave her a newfound appreciation for her alma mater.

Aftermath of the Civil War

After the Erebonian Civil War, her command of the counter-offensive and taking back Heimdallr are rewarded with a promotion from captain to major. She also gains command over the whole Railway Military Police, which now includes the annexed state of Crossbell. She visits Leeves to hand over the Derfflinger and meets Rean Schwarzer for the first time since the Northern War.


True to her nickname "The Icy Maiden," Claire can be a cold,calculating person when on duty. She is devoted to serving Chancellor Gilliath Osborne and is especially devoted to her job. However, Claire does display a softer side and likes to watch and protect her juniors from Thors Military Academy.

After the Civil War, Claire shows a more hesitant side of herself. She starts to doubt her support for Osborne and even shows feelings of guilt around Rean Schwarzer for not telling him of her suspicions of who his biological father was.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel II

Claire Rieveldt
Claire Rieveldt Note (Sen II) Railway Military Police
A captain in the RMP as well as an Ironblood like Millium. Known and feared by the name of 'Icy Maiden.'
Frightening Intellect

She's capable of performing calculations incredibly quickly, and has the strength to make good use of this ability.

Millium's Origins

She seems to know something about the connection between Millium and Altina, but is unable to talk about it.


She shares her surname with the famous instrument maker, the Rieveldt Company. Could there be a connection?

Trails of Cold Steel III

Claire Rieveldt Note (Sen III)



Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Crusader
2040 Initial gear
An orbal gun given to officers in the Railway Military Police.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Ixion
Crusader x1
U-Material x2
A customized orbal gun with high power, but high recoil.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Phantom M70
3060 Purchase (12/9)
Seventh generation in a series of low noise Reinford guns.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Precision Blaster
Phantom M70 x1
U-Material x3
An orbal gun customized for faster, more precise aiming.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Crusader +1
Initial gear (3/13)
An orbal gun given to officers in the Railway Military Police.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) White Nova
12240 Purchase (3/13)
An orbal gun that shoots powerful blasts of light.
Orbal Gun (Sen Weapon) Cygnus
Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
An orbal gun with a golden glow. Made of a strange ore.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Gun Claire (Sen III Weapon) Crusader II
Chapter 1 gear
STR+250 RNG+6 必殺率+15%
Orbal Gun Claire (Sen III Weapon) Crusader II +1
Chapter 3 gear
STR+450 RNG+6 必殺率+15%
Orbal Gun Claire (Sen III Weapon) Crusader II +2
Chapter 4 gear
STR+550 RNG+6 必殺率+15%


Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Description Class CP Lv
Craft (Sen Skill) Moral Mirage
[Attack (Set) - Line (M) - K.O. (50%) - Delay+25]

Runs forward and fires a deadly shot. Unbalance+30%.

A 40 -
Craft (Sen Skill) Frigid Rain
[Magic Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Freeze (100%)]

Summons an ice crystal and shatters it above foes.

A 40 -
Craft (Sen Skill) Flawless Leadership
[Support - All - Accelerate - STR/DEF+25% (3 turns)]

Gives the order to advance, leading allies to victory.

- 60 -
S Craft (Sen Skill) Kaleido Force
[Attack - All]
A shot with immense power.
SSS 100+ -
S Craft (Sen Skill) Kaleido Force 2
[Attack - All]
An incredibly deadly shot of unrestrained power.
SSS+ 100+ 137

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill) Moral Mirage
30 20 初期
攻撃(威力A+ ブレイクC 崩し+30%)

直線M(地点指定):遅延+10 即死50%

Craft (Sen III Skill) Frigid Rain
60 30 初期
魔法攻撃(威力A+ ブレイクB 崩し有効)


S Craft (Sen III Skill) Kaleido Force
100+ 40 初期
攻撃(威力SSS ブレイクD 崩し無効):全体

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel III

Character Name BP Effect
Claire Rieveldt Perfect Order
3 Critical rate +30% (4 counts)
AT Advance


Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga-

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