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Clara Voce (クララ・ヴォーチェ) is introduced as a sculptor and student of Thors Military Academy's Class III ('03-'05).



Clara is a young woman with brown eyes and blonde hair which is gathered up into several knots on her head, tied with multi-coloured sets of beads. She wears the commoners' uniform of Thors Military Academy: a green and white blazer with padded sleeves, a white shirt, red neck tie and tan chequered skirt with black tights. Clara often has a sullen, tired expression with dark rings under her eyes.


Clara is devoted to art; very few things outside of art catch her attention. Despite this, she can easily maintain good grades without having to study at all. She cares for her tools, believing that if one of them breaks, it signifies something bad is about to happen soon.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Clara is the head of the Arts Club. She is almost always seen working on her masterpieces in the art club room, letting little distract her form her work. When she saw Vita's life vision and the supposed assassination of Giliath Osborne, Clara's sculpting tools broke, which she took as an ill omen. After the Noble Alliance invaded Trista, Clara was one of the many students who fled the academy.

She would eventually make her way to the Nord Highlands, sculpting away as usual. Class VII located her and asked her to join the Courageous, which she agreed to as long as they brought her some stone to sculpt with from a nearby quarry. After they brought her the stone, Clara agreed to join the crew. While in the highlands, she also discovered some ruins, entering them and finding an ancient tool and some wall paintings. She discovered that the wall paintings were instructions to create orbs to empower Valimar, and would help Rean in creating and inserting orbs for him.

After graduation, Clara became a sculptor full-time, with news of her work being reported in the Imperial Chronicle.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

During the Great War, Clara is one of the unseen Thors Graduates that helps on board the Ark Royal. She think it is a tenuous plan, but has been working hard and all they can do is follow through. She and Hibelle will be in charge of the maintenance and manoeuvring of the armored soldiers

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Clara Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class III (Art Club)
Head of the Art Club, and an artist in the purest sense. Usually found in the club room sculpting--her specialty.
Natural Talent
She seems to be able to score decently in exams without studying at all, and uses that time for art instead.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Clara Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class III (Art Club)
Head of the Art Club and a master at sculpting. Pours her soul into her art and shows little interest in all else.
Finest Work
Having secured high-quality stone from the Ancient Quarry, she believes she'll be able to make her finest work yet.
She completed the project she was working on while on the Courageous and got right to working on another.
She garnered the support of a number of sponsors. She didn't refuse the offers, but wants to focus purely on her work.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

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