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Class VII (特科クラス《Ⅶ組》) is a class at Thors Military Academy.

The original Class VII was created as a socio-political experiment initiated by Prince Olivert Reise Arnor as a Thors Military Academy board member. It lasted for only one school year of S.1204-S.1205, after which it was dissolved.

The new Class VII (Class VII: Special Operations) is a class at Thors Branch Campus, founded in S.1206.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II[]

After his experiences with the Bracer Guild in Liberl at the time of the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, Prince Olivert decided to develop a class separated from the academy's prevalent traditions that would enrich the standard curriculum with monthly field trips. These trips allowed the student of Class VII to form an all-encompassing perspective on conflicts between political factions, regions and nations. It was retroactively referred to as the old Class VII (旧Ⅶ組) when contrasted with the new Class VII (新Ⅶ組) at the branch campus.

In addition, its members were selected by the board members from both social classes, the noble and commoner class represented by Rufus Albarea and Carl Regnitz, respectively, and all demonstrated a high aptitude with the ARCUS, the technological aspect represented by Irina Reinford. Class VII's homeroom teacher was battle instructor Sara Valestein, who as a former bracer had experience with the socio-political experiment suggested by Prince Olivert.

In 18 August S.1204, Crow and Millium transferred into Class VII, for a total of eleven students.

Class VII was formed on 31 March S.1204; unlike the other classes, which normally took two years to graduate, Class VII was given an exception and dissolved in one year.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV[]

Olivert soon founded a branch campus similar to the main academy, intended for foreigners and underperforming students. After graduating from the main academy, Rean found employment as an instructor in the branch campus, which had three classes; Class VII, VIII and IX; Rean serves as the homeroom teacher for Class VII. New Class VII specializes in Special Operations and originally consisted of three students; Juna, Kurt and Altina.

In 10 June S.1206, Ash and Musse transferred from Classes VIII and IX respectively to Class VII, for a total of five students.

Trails into Reverie[]

Rean continues to teach his students while keeping in contact with the rest of his former classmates. Both old and new Class VII work alongside the SSS and Rufus' group to liberate Crossbell from the Supreme Leader and his Ebon Defense Force. By the time of Daydream: "Beyond the Reverie - Another Hot Springs Paradise", new Class VII is expected to graduate soon.

List of Class VII members[]

Old Class VII (S.1204-S.1205)[]

New Class VII (S.1206)[]


  • Gaius is the only member of the old Class VII whose father and mother are both alive. The biological mothers of Rean, Jusis, Elliot, Crow, Emma, Laura and Sara are all deceased; there is no information regarding the status/identities of Machias' and Fie's mothers; Millium is artificial and has no parents; and Alisa's father died (and spent most of his final years brainwashed as someone completely different).


Trails of Cold Steel[]

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