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Clem (クレーム)is one of the young orphans who lives at Mercia Orphanage with Matron Theresa.


Clem is a young orphan who lives at Mercia Orphanage with Matron Theresa and the other orphans. He lost his parents at some unknown point prior to the game.


Clem is a cheeky youngster who has a habit of pulling pranks and swiping stuff. He cares about Matron Theresa and the other orphans very deeply and will do anything to protect them. However, this does make him reckless and rude at times.

After he is saved from the Ravens by Estelle and co., he becomes a lot more maturer and starts making more wiser decisions.


Clem is a semi-major character in Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC and a minor character in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

Meeting Estelle and Joshua

Clem first appears bumping into Estelle and Joshua in Manoria Village, after Estelle and Joshua have finished their lunch. He purposely bumps into Estelle and makes the both of them fall down, and swipes her Bracer Badge in the process. He then quickly apologizes and leaves.

Clem is then next seen when Estelle and Joshua come to Mercia Orphanage to get her badge back. Seeing Clem show it off to his friends, Mary and Daniel, Estelle rushes in and demands he give it back. Denying that it is hers, Clem runs around for bit and gets tickled by Estelle, when she finally caught him. Suddenly, Kloe comes out and seeing Clem in distress orders Sieg to attack Estelle and confronts her. Seeing Kloe, Clem yells at her to help him. Joshua then comes over and quickly soothes the situation and as he is about to explain Matron Theresa comes out.

Seeing the ruckus, Matron Theresa correctly assumes that Clem has been up to no good again. Clem denies this, but Matron Theresa tricks him into confessing and makes him give the badge back to Estelle. Clem then runs off and reappears when Estelle, Joshua and Kloe are about to head off to Ruan. Finally catching up, he apologizes to Estelle and Joshua and then mocks Estelle for easily allowing her badge to be taken before running back to the Orphanage.

The Mercia Orphanage Incident

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