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Cody (コーデイ) is a warrant officer in the fifth platoon of the Republic Army of Calvard's special force, Hercules.



Cody is a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears the standard uniform and armor of the Hercules unit, orange clothing covering in various bronze-covered armour plates resembling a jeagars.


Cody regards himself as a coward and not worthy of praise after he runs away., but claims he is honored when the otehr still consider him a comrarde. He gets into Hercules to try and get his act together but feels terrible for letting his sister worry.


Cody was born as the son of a commissioned officer with the Republican Army of Calvard.

She and his older sister, Kaela, followed in their father's footsteps as military officers. Kaela started working for the CID whereas Cody started serving in the fifth platoon of the army's special forces, Hercules.

Their father lost his life during the war over Crossbell in S.1205.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Cody is amongst the Hercules special forces deployed from Calvard to Heimdallr. When the rest of his unit start getting captured or made into pawns of Zoro-Agruga, he flees and gets lost in the catacombs. Lechter Arundel is aware of this and asks Rean to gather a party to locate him. They do so, traversing the tunnels and brining Cody into custody, promising to send him home.

Whilst Cody should have been sent home as part of forced reparations, but that was put on hold after the Emperor was shot. He turned out to have been still in Erebonia after escaping, and had bought ammunition for a rifle size not sold in Erebonia, alerting suspicion. Kaela states that they are acting without permission from the Republican government. Rean and the party track him down to a place where he awaits a meeting with the unit. Cody speaks with Commander Reagan who has apparently forgiven Cody, calling him the 'Young Ace' but Cody has reservations about the operation to target civilians. After Kaela and Rean find the hideout, Cody is called a traitor by his unit and he runs.

Later, Cody is till trying to convince the unit not to attack civilians. Rean's party arrives and subdues them. Kaela and Cody speak with the party about thier history, father and how wanting revenge against the Empire is pointless. It turns out a deal to hand over one of their new Verne gunships was made in order to let the agents return home.