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Colin Hayworth (コリン・ヘイワース) is the son of Harold and Sophia Hayworth.



Colin is a young boy with bright scarlet hair and sharp blue eyes. He wears a green and blue buttoned shirt which is tucked into royal blue shorts. He also wears brown shoes with white socks.


Colin is a happy and optimistic boy with lots of natural curiosity. He is friendly to everyone he meets and loving towards his mother and father whom he loves to help out. he believes praying is fun, and loves to sing about it.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Colin was raised with lots of love after his parents lost their firstborn, Renne. In Trails from Zero, Chapter 3: "Crossbell Anniversary Festival", Colin was playing around the city and making lots of new friends. he was playing hide and seek, choosing to hide in the car of a van which then moved. After exiting, Colin's natural curiosity moved him to follow a butterfly away from his parents and the crow.

He wound up being surrounded by monsters, only to be rescued by Renne. Unaware that he was saved by his older sister, he told his parents he was saved by a 'big sister with hair the colour of violet',[2] just like his father.[3] He expresses that he would really like to meet that girl again, whenever he sees the Special Support Section.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Two years later, Colin has the chance to meet Renne again. He has just had his birthday, but his father was unable to be there due to being drafted. He is happy to see her, but slightly down when she announces she will be going once again. Colin turns out to be friends with Ken and Nana Crawford.

Trails into Reverie

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Colin attends Sunday School with Ken, Nana and KeA Bannings. They are writing letters and Colin wants to write one to Renne.

Colin had a party with his family to celebrate Harold's business starting up again. He goes missing at Mishelam Wonderland, so the SSS set out to find him. He had been apparently chatting with Renne who had told him lots about her family.

Colin and the Hayworths are helped out of the city to Mainz after Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea makes his move. They survive on rations but otherwise make it safely.

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Trails from/to Zero and Azure


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