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Courageous II (高速巡洋艦(こうそくじゅんようかん)カレイジャスⅡ) is a high-speed cruiser developed under supervision of Olivert Reise Arnor. It serves as the flagship of the Radiant Wings and as the successor of the Courageous.


Following the end of the Erebonian Civil War, Prince Olivert called in former Reinford Group chairman Gwyn Reinford for consultation regarding a new iteration of the Courageous.[1] The cruiser was developed in utmost secrecy in the Lakeside Laboratory in Liberl, originally constructed by Ouroboros' Georg Weissmann for the Gospel Plan.[1] Its construction was a collaborative effort of Gwyn Reinford, Professor G. Schmidt, Professor Albert Russell and Queen Alicia von Auslese II.[1] The project was funded by Prince Olivert and Gwyn Reinford, as well as Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's private funds.[1]


With its length of 92 arge, it is 18 arge longer than its 74-arge predecessor. It is equipped with anti-hacking devices developed by Erika and Albert Russell, next-gen terminals from the Epstein Foundation, the latest hydrodynamics of the Roer Institute of Technology and next-gen orbal engines developed by the Zeiss Central Factory. Featuring the latest amenities, the vessel even includes a bathing area, whereas the Courageous only had showers.[1]


Trails of Cold Steel IV


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