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Cradle (クレイドル) is one of the districts that compose the Liber Ark. It's composed of residential blocks.

Trails in the Sky SC


Located on the south side of Liber Ark, the Cradle district is the cozy, beloved home of the majority of the Ark's citizens. It is comprised of 128 blocks, each with its own Halo Rail station, public service buildings, city offices, and event halls, allowing citizens to enjoy everything the Ark has to offer--all close to home! As there are vacancies in a third of the blocks due recent population changes, feel free to inquire about owning another home at the nearest city office.

―Cradle Station No. 35

Estelle and Joshua arrive with their group to the Residential Block after heading through the tunnels from Calmare Park Block, where they find Josette Capua fighting off Ouroboros archaisms by herself next to the Bobcat. After helping her defeat the archaisms, she tells them how they crash-landed after the Liber Ark first appeared, and how Ouroboros' jaegers captured the rest of the Capua Family while making sure she escaped. Estelle decides to have the bracers help rescue the sky bandits, not just as thanks for helping them escape the Glorious but as part of the bracer code, after which Josette joins her party.

At the Cradle Station No. 35, they find out that to unlock the next set of tunnels they need an original Gospel. They find a terminal in the Cradle Municipal Office where they can request a Gospel reprint, but to obtain one, they need the name and biological signature of a citizen of the Liber Ark. Kloe, being the descendant of Celeste D. Auslese, is able to obtain an original Gospel from the terminal, after which they head to the tunnels.

After the sky bandits have been freed from the Glorious, they stay here repairing the Bobcat with help from Professor Russell contacting them from the Arseille. Kyle Capua gives the bracers the password for the locked gate in Factoria Industrial Block.

The terminals in the various homes of the district offer a view in how the Liber Ark society slowly fell into decadence over time. Some terminals also provide a recipe, a Data Crystal relating to the use of Zemurian ore, as well as a copy of said ore, produced by the Aureole.

※[Improvements to Distribution Service and Gospel Update] Here at Liber Ark City, in order to ensure our citizens lead a pleasant, fulfilled life, we have established a distribution service offering music and images with a theme of 'healing,' which has proven popular with the citizenry, but also with persons experiencing concerns regarding mental and emotional ailments.
However, while this service offers a significant selection, it remains somewhat uniform and one-sided. As such, we have been receiving a great deal of feedback from the citizenry asking for it to respond to a wide variety of personal tastes. In order to accommodate these opinions, our city wishes to proceed with enhancing our service's variety to provide all citizens with a satisfying experience.
To that end, we will need to offer an upgrade to all citizens' personal Gospels. We ask that you inquire at your local city government office and undergo upgrade procedures there.
Furthermore, as this upgrade applies to all citizens, after a period of time non- upgraded Gospels will become unusable. We understand this may be somewhat problematic, but we sincerely ask for your cooperation.

―Liber Ark System Administration Division

※[Report on Heightened City Security] In recent years, there has been a notable increase in crime in less populated areas of the city, such as the Factoria blocks. As a result of this, heightened security measures were introduced, and while some citizens may have experienced some inconvenience as a result, those measures were designed to have the least impact possible on individual freedoms.
However, despite these measures, the crime rate continues to increase. The council therefore asks that citizens cooperate with a number of restrictions.
The following will apply to all citizens:
- Terminal use will require personal Gospel ID checks
- Periodic inspections will be performed in all blocks
- Civilian access into the Axis Pillar is restricted
This heightened security may result in some inconvenience for citizens, but these measures are designed to ensure the safety of all residents of our fair city. We hope you understand and will offer your complete cooperation.

―Liber Ark Security Division


Map 1

Map 2


Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Water (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).png Water, Wind, Space sepith ×100 Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja!
Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!
2 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge II Wow... You're the first human to ever take
something from me! I'm so excited!
3 Food Ingredient (Sora Item).png Gummy Eyeball, Fish Fillet, Clear Gelatin, Fish Egg ×10 The chest applauds your dedication to larceny.
4 Food Ingredient (Sora Item).png Curative Horn, Leathery Tail, Lucky Fang, Monster Carapace, Beast Flesh ×10 The chest wants to know what it's done
to deserve such treatment.
5 Food Ingredient (Sora Item).png Savory Pinion, Juicy Bone, Tender Poultry, Bird Egg, Prickly Seed ×10[note 1] The looters in Calvard aren't this desperate...
6 Potion (Sora Item).png Smelling Salts Nooo! Give it back! That was my spleen!
7 Water (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).png Water, Wind, Space sepith ×100 GET A SILK BAG FROM THE GRAVEYARD DUCK TO LOOT
8 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm Empty. But THAT should come as no surprise.
9 Space (Sora Quartz).png Gold Gem You obtain...NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
10 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet Let's take all the typos we accidentally left in
this game at launch and shove them all in here.
Pretend they never happened.
  1. Tender Poultry and Bird Egg are referred to in this chest as Monster Fowl and Monster Bird Egg.



Cradle Station #35 Online Shop

Online Shop
Quartz Synthesis
Earth (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Topaz Gem DEF+15%/STR-9% (Earth (Sora Quartz).png Defense 5) Earth (Sora Sepith).png×1000
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Emerald Gem ADF+150/ATS-9% (Wind (Sora Quartz).png Shield 5) Wind (Sora Sepith).png×1000