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Crafts (クラフト) are special combat skills unique to each character.


Crafts have appeared in every game of the Trails series since, Trails in the Sky FC where the system was first introduced. Crafts are unique skills performed by each individual character playable in the series. Each craft technique has its own special benefits and some can be used in place of arts providing the same effects.

Attack Crafts generally focus on physical damage, with some that deals status ailments or attributed with either of the 7 sepith elements. Some can involve healing and other supports to the user's self and others. These include buffs, stat boosts, or unique ones, such as nulling physical or magical damage completely.


By dealing and receiving damage, the character will gain CP (Craft Points). These points can be used to perform crafts. Each craft uses a set amount of CP. A selection of crafts is available when each characters becomes available. New crafts are learnt by leveling up a character or by unlocking them through specific segments in the story. Whereas Arts use EP as its resource, Crafts require its own resource CP (Craft Points) to be used.

When a character has more than 100CP, he or she can perform an S-Craft or S-Break.