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The Crois Family (クロイス家) is a historically influential family in Crossbell.


Prior to the Great Collapse, ancestors of the Crois Family were given the Sept-Terrion of Mirage. It bestowed knowledge upon the family, hoping to assist them in guiding their faction. When Demiourgos realised its knowledge was merely abused, it decided to cease its own existence. Since its disappearance, the Crois family feared the loss of their power and dedicated themselves to creating a replacement for the centuries following the Great Collapse.

During the 8th Century, they decided on alchemy as their method of choice and prepared a plan that would span multiple centuries to complete. They formed the D∴G Cult and entrusted it with the core, a homunculus referred to as KeA capable of containing the reborn Demiourgos. While the D∴G Cult was tasked with awakening the core, the Crois family themselves focused on banking in order to gather the financial resources necessary for the final phases of their plan.

Azure-Zero Project

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Ultimately, their creation ended up as the Sept-Terrion of Zero ((ゼロ)の至宝), a human-made Sept-Terrion born out of a revived Demiourgos with the homunculus KeA at its core. The plan was executed by Mariabell Crois. When the plan reaches its completion, Mariabell abandons her father, Dieter, and his political ambition of using KeA and her powers to defend and expand Crossbell's control. Mariabell's plans were far grander: she desired to rewrite history itself.

After losing the Sept-Terrion of Zero due to the Special Support Section's intervention, Mariabell is invited by the Grandmaster of Ouroboros to join their cause as the Third Anguis. She accepts the position.

Family tree

Dieter Crois - Bust (Zero).png
Dieter Crois
(S.1159 - ) Crossbell Emblem.png
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Mariabell Crois
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