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Crossbell Cathedral (クロスベル大聖堂(たいせいどう)) is the cathedral church of Crossbell. It is the seat of the archbishop of Crossbell, currently Archbishop Eralda.


Some consider the Crossbell Cathedral as even greater than the one of the High Seat of the Septian Church in Arteria.

Archbishop Eralda is known as an intimidating man, even among members of the Church. He has an outspoken dislike for the Congregation for the Sacraments and its order of the Gralsritter, and does not tolerate their presence within the borders of Crossbell. His dislike stems from how the Church handled the punishment of former Bishop Owen, who hired mercenaries to attack the Aster House, by having Kevin Graham assassinate him.

As an influential person within the Congregation for Divine Worship, Archbishop Eralda instructed his own clergy to study Thaumaturgy, a special set of healing techniques passed down in the Church, so there would be no reason to call Gralsritter, Thaumaturgy specialists, to Crossbell. His disgust is so bad that he got upset when he heard the bell at the Moon Temple ringing, fearing it was an artifact that needed to be investigated by the Gralsritter, and refused to cooperate with the Special Support Section after realizing a strange flower they were investigating was Pleroma Grass. However, after the Azure-Zero Project came to fruition, he realized that the Gralsritter may have been better able to intervene had they not been forced to monitor the situation behind his back; while this was not enough to change his overall opinion of the Gralsritter, it did make him more willing to tolerate their presence in Crossbell.

He also lectured the Special Support Section members for the ruckus they caused in the Downtown District, but respects them nonetheless and dismisses the comparisons with the Bracer Guild. Apart from that, Archbishop Eralda is clear that he and his clergy will stay politically neutral.

Archbishop Eralda is known for major contributions in the field of medicine. St. Ursula Medical College still works with prescriptions once formulated by him.

With the Azure Tree appearing at the end of S.1204, intervention of the Gralsritter to settle the matter was approved and issued by the Pope of the Septian Church.


The Crossbell Cathedral constitutes of the following clergy members:

  • Archbishop Eralda
  • Bishop Roland
  • Bishop Renton
  • Bishop Genus
  • Sister Marble (teacher Sunday School)
  • Sister Hatina
  • Sister Juju

Others that can be found within the vicinity of the cathedral:

  • Old Man Quint (grave keeper)
  • Tamil and Hamil (twin brothers playing in front of the cathedral, loves to flip over Sister Juju's skirt)
  • Merchant Morgio (has his business rely on prayers)