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Crossbell City (クロスベル市), also known as the City of Sin (魔都(まと)), is the capital city of Crossbell. The city itself serves as main Plot-line for Trails from/to Zero and Azure events. It also serves as a large part of Trails of Cold Steel III and IV storyline.


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Located historically at the convergence point between the Erebonian Empire and Calvard Republic, the city has been site of an extraordinary number of battles between various groups of people, notably the Erebonian Empire and Calvard even before the republic era since the region has been changing hand for more than five times over the past 1200 years.

With approximately 500,000 inhabitants, Crossbell City is one of the largest cities in Zemuria. It serves as the continent's most important centre of commerce. In addition to being a key station on the Transcontinental Railroad, the city is home to a major international airport. International Bank of Crossbell is the largest financial corporate in the west Zemuria. Its government was initially run from Administrative District until the completion of Orchis Tower where most administrative activities is later transferred there.

Underneath the city runs a large, excavated space known as the Geofront. It was designed to facilitate infrastructures for water supply, sewerage and waste disposal. It was later expanded with the Orbal Network and numerous other equipment. The Geofront itself, however, remains unfinished.

The city never formally implemented laws to crack down on spies. As a result, the city's back-alleys serve as a hotbed for intelligence operatives from Erebonia and Calvard as well as crime syndicates and mafia. The city is therefore also known as the City of Sin.


Crossbell City consists of eleven districts:

  • Central Square: Located at the center of the city, a place where numerous people and Orbal Cars pass through. Lined with department stores containing various shops and restaurants, as well as weapon and Orbal stores containing the latest goods.
  • Station Road: The gate through which many people arrive in Crossbell via the continent-spanning railroad system. The station is symbolic of Crossbell, whose economy is supported by foreign trade. Inspectors from the militaries of the Empire and Republic have permanent stations here.
  • Administrative District: Region containing the offices of the mayor and other government officials. The district has been the site of political strife between different factions in the government for many years. The Crossbell Police Department is headquartered in this district.
  • Harbor District: A business district containing many offices, including those for the International Bank of Crossbell and the Crossbell News Service. It also contains a large park with a view of Elm Lake where people go to relax. Facing the park from the opposite shore is a luxury resort that can be reached by water taxi.
  • Downtown District: A declining region left behind by the city's development. Trade in illegal goods thrives in the shops that dot the district, and conflict continues between two gangs.
  • Entertainment District: Owing to the casinos and high-class hotels, this bustling pleasure quarter attracts many tourists. Arc en Ciel performs at the theatre here and is known as the best troupe in the continent. Occasionally their new productions are opened to the public, an event eagerly anticipated by the populace.
  • East Street: An exotic street made up in the eastern style. One can enjoy genuine eastern cooking in the many street stalls and inns. The young aces of the local branch of the Bracers Guild meet here.
  • West Street: A street containing many residential apartment buildings. The many bakery, cafes, and general stores provide an at-home feeling. Lloyd Bannings was born and raised here.
  • Residential Street: An exclusive residential neighborhood in the northwest part of the city, the estates of politicians and merchants are found here. At the northern entrance is the way to Crossbell Cathedral.
  • Back Alley: A series of narrow alleys branching out from the central plaza of the Entertainment District. There are fashionable jazz bars, and antique shops offering great deals. In the inner section, one can also find the headquarters of the Mafia that rules Crossbell's underworld.
  • Geofront: A vast underground space containing Crossbell City's infrastructure. It began twenty years ago as a planned series of waterworks, sewers and trash disposal systems. Recently it has been expanded with Orbal cable and all sorts of machinery. However, the city authorities do not pay close attention to it and dangerous monsters now roam its walkways.
  • Orchis Tower


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