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The Central Square (中央広場) is a section of Crossbell City.

As the centre of the city, many people and orbal cars will pass through the plaza. Surrounding the square are a number of stores and restaurants, including a department store and an orbal store selling newly developed devices, which opened in S.1203.


The great bell in the centre of the square, known as the Bell of Crossbell (クロスベルの鐘), represents the heart of Crossbell. The bell itself was found during excavations of the Sun Fort in S.1185 and subsequently moved toward the centre of the city. The plaque in front of the bell suggests it may be from the era of the Middle Ages, that it is made of an alloy and that it rings in a satisfying, low tone. It also suggests that it had been made for an influential person.

The building in the southern part of the Central Square was built in S.1173 for the Crossbell Times. After the publisher moved to its new location, the building remained unused until the Special Support Section was established by the Crossbell Police Department early S.1204 and used it as a base of operations.


Special Support Section

See also: Special Support Section and Special Support Section Annex

Times Department Store

See also: Times
  • General Manager Neston
  • Receptionist Cynthia (scouted by General Manager Neston in a department store in Remiferia; loves to jog)
  • Receptionist Pearl (has been engaged to bracer Scott for a year, is waiting for his work to settle down so they can get married)
  • Gladys (Legion's Foods)
  • Hanson (Hanson Shoes)
  • Prada (Lucca Boutique)
  • Baker (Baker's Accessories)
  • Southwark (Southwark General Store)
  • Jeanetta (receptionist to be)
  • Customers: Baggio, Dorothee, Ken, and Old Man Honest

Genten Orbal Store

See also: Genten Orbal Store
  • Fernand (owner)
  • Wendy (engineer)
  • Chaco (clerk)
  • Customers: Basilio (Chaco's father) and Mizette

Vingt-Sept Café

  • Hoisdorf (owner)
  • Braun and Selteo (cooks)
  • Nonno (waitress)
  • Customers: Flotte, Marjorie, and Clyde

Gironde Armory

  • Gironde (owner)


  • Abel (father), Sally (mother) and Mimi (daughter)
  • Pruna and Lenalee (classmates at Sunday School)
  • Haas
  • Gina
  • Old Man Conte
  • Coppe (cat)
  • Guests during Crossbell's Anniversary: Mazie, Arona and Nardol