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East Street in Crossbell City.

The East Street (東通り(ひがしどおり)) is a section of Crossbell City.


Bracer Guild - Crossbell Branch

See also: Bracer Guild

Long Lao Tavern & Inn

  • Zhang Hui (owner)
  • San San (waitress)
  • Finn, Puck, and Roose
  • Gryd, Lars, and Kurt
  • Armand (Geval's son), Ellie (couple from Liberl) and Armin (newborn)

Acacia Apartments

  • Azel and Eugot (siblings of Sarina)
  • Claris Seeker
  • Marcy, Sepia, and Una (Erebonian working in Crossbell, in Trails to Azure his wife and daughter came over)
  • Trails to Azure: Bond (father), Creil (mother), Sunita (daughter), and Mari (cat)

Fisherman's Guild - Crossbell Branch

  • Branch Manager Cerdan, Peter, and Kopan
  • Master Fisherman Lloyd (the fisher from Liberl)
  • Fisher (former noble in Liberl)

Imperial Fishing Club

  • Lakelord III (heir of the Lakelord family, Thors grad)
  • Seilarm
  • Elite Four: Triton, Kaguya, Narses, Sharkman

East Street - House

  • Mors and Paola
  • Roy (grandson)
  • Meiling (granddaughter)


  • Cronk
  • Dinz
  • Lilly
  • Marte and Danang


  • Susan and Gillet
  • Couta, Anne, and Old Man Renault


Trails of Cold Steel III