The Crossbell Guardian Force (クロスベル警備隊) is the self-defense force of Crossbell.


Since laws imposed by suzerains Erebonia and Calvard dictate Crossbell cannot have its own military force, the Crossbell Guardian Force is a self-defense force only in name. As part of that agreement the CGF is restricted in the armaments they can posses such as heavy tanks or military airships and are allowed to use only armored cars instead.

Zero no Kiseki

The CGF are stationed at both the Bellguard and Tangram border Gates. The commander, Preston was associated with the Imperial Government and had little support from his subordinates. He fell into the cult's influence, and provided the troops with Gnosis under the guise of a new nutrient supplement. The troops then followed the orders of the D∴G cult and attacked the city, in an effort to retake KeA.

Ao no Kiseki

Sonya Baelz takes command, taking over from Preston. After Dieter Crois' declaration of Crossbell as an independent nation, the Guardian Force was reformed into an official army, and renamed into the Crossbell National Defense Force (クロスベル国防軍). The reorganisation lasted only a short period during Ao no Kiseki, until Crossbell was nullified of its independence.

List of members

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