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The Crossbell Military Police Academy (クロスベル軍警学校), formerly known as the Crossbell Police Academy (クロスベル警察学校), is a training school for new Crossbell Police recruits located in the Knox Forest in southwestern Crossbell.


The core curriculum of the Crossbell Police Academy is enriched with courses on acquiring the required driving skills for police vehicles and using improved technologies that investigations and identifications would benefit from.

With the exception of the experimental Special Support Section, graduating from the police academy is one of the two requirements - the other being 16 years old and over - for recruits to be allowed to join the Crossbell Police Department.

Apart from the school, the building is also used as a prison, training grounds for garrisons and administrative facilities.

Military Police

Under Imperial occupation, the school was re-structured as the Crossbell Military Police Academy.



  • Manager Juan
  • Jailer Melvin
  • Instructor Douglas (former)


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