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The Crossbell Police Department (クロスベル警察), abbreviated as CPD (stylized as C.P.D in the logo), is the law enforcement agency for Crossbell.


The CPD mainly serves to maintain the public order in Crossbell. However, the great deal of political tension between the Imperial and Republic factions, numerous incidents of corruption, links between politicians and the Mafia as well as maneuvering by groups of foreigners has left the police unable to deal with the situation, causing the citizens to lose faith thus turning their requests for assistance to the Bracer Guild. In an attempt to restore the citizen's trust, the Special Support Section was established.

The Special Support Section is a new division within the police that was created in order to counter the popularity of the Bracer Guild. Modelling themselves off the braces, the division is focused upon accepting any request from individuals in need. Within the force, they are treated as career dead-ends and wannabe-bracers. Because of this only the newest recruits are invited to become members.


The Crossbell Police Department is led by the chief of police. This was formerly Hogarth. He is assisted by Deputy Chief (Deputy Chief II) Pierre as of S.1204. It consists of at least the following departments:

  • First Investigative Division (捜査一課), led by Chief Detective Dudley. He is supported by Detective Emma.
  • Second Investigative Division (捜査二課), led by Chief Inspector Donovan, assisted by Detective Raymond.
  • Metropolitan Division (広域防犯課), led by Chief Jolich. Two of its team members are Officers Franz and Kate.
  • Special Support Section (特務支援課), led by Section Chief Sergei Lou, consisted initially of Lloyd Bannings, Elie MacDowell, Tio Plato and Randy Orlando. They are joined by Wazy Hemisphere and Noel Seeker during the second half of S.1204.