The Crossbell Special Inspectorate (クロスベル特別視察団) is a body within the imperial government of Erebonia tasked with inspecting and reporting on developments within Crossbell.

The organisational structure of the Special Inspectorate was kept under wraps until it made its debut on May 20, S.1206. Its members were revealed as Carl Regnitz, governor of Heimdallr; Irina Reinford, chairman of Reinford Group; prince Olivert Reise Arnor and princess Alfin Reise Arnor. The latter in particular brought about "Her Highness the Princess fever" among the Crossbellans, who admire her for her angel-like appearance.

Results of the Special Inspectorate cover a wide array of topics, inclduing politics, economics, military affairs, technology, medical care and international affairs. The plans were drafted by Crossbell governor-general Rufus Albarea.

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